Saturday, May 31, 2014

Latest opshopped finds..

I've not done a op shop blog post in a while, so I thought i would share one again. These are some lovely treasures I have found recently. The colours are pretty springy..which is nice with this cold weather!

A pretty vintage be made into a dress or skirt

More vintage fabric

This skirt for myself.

These un used cuuute tights

Warm gloves and spotty socks

This reversible wrap around skirt

The prettiest piece of oil cloth..big enough for a bag!

I could not resist this wintery, christmassy, Hugh Grant, any british movie jumper!

A delightful vintage sheet

This cute cardi for Percy

The sweetest top for Percy or a future child maybe

This toddler dress. I just couldnt leave it.

Balls of the loveliest coloured yarn.

Spotty, wooden, strappy sandle clogs!

This vintage tin

And this handmade pastel pink vest for me, with the prettiest buttons.

Have you been doing much opshopping? I really love seeing what people find, so do let me know what treasures you've found lately!!

See you soon,


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Our trip to the zoo

With the very lovely mild weather Melbourne has been getting, a zoo trip was something I wanted to do. I love the zoo and Percy had never been so today seemed a better time than ever. Here's snaps from our day. Enjoy!

See you soon,


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Another market done and dusted!

Hi all,

We are having some very delightful weather here in Melbourne at the moment. Warm and sunny. Trees are beautiful with their autumn leaves and flowers are pretty at the moment too. The weekend was perfect for having another market stall, and here are the pictures from the day. My sister from Lola and Joy joined me again selling her vintage dresses amongst my handmade goods. I made a whole bunch of new items too which I will show you in another post!

I spent my Sunday as a shopper at the camberwell market where I bought a few handmade and thrifted goods supporting others like Sam and myself. I will also share these wonderful things in another post soon!

Hope your all well. My online shop will be updated soon if you missed my market and have your eye on something!

Taz xx