Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jam and Cream

Today, I looked into the future. Not really obviously, but I went somewhere that was completely me. I have a dream of owning an old caravan one day, slowly doing it up, using it as a craft and tea space. I love food, real food. Cake, scones, jam and cream. I love pots of tea and the tea cups to drink it out of. I love buttons and yarn, sewing patterns and old cook books. I love bunting and flowers, and I love people, friends. Today I experienced ALL OF THIS!! Today I went somewhere that one day, I dream I can have similar. I would love to cook all of my Narmies recipes, whilst, sewing another bunting to hang, and crocheting the last granny square for a blanket to keep people's legs warm. I can see my hubby playing music, and my little boy outside running with the chickens. I will still dream, but until the day I have all that, I will just go to this lovely place, Jam and Cream. The moment I walked in, I was back in my Narmies kitchen smelling all her great food. The moment I saw this place, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face! Have a look where I spent my morning today.


The pretty tea cup I sipped from today
Our table of food!
I don't think I need to describe this place anyore. If you havent already called a friend to book a date there, then do so now! The food is amazing and you will leave with a spring in your step and MANY childhood memories! I'm going ith my lovely sis in law Sarah next tuesday, but more than happy to book a date to go with you too and try the high tea!! Check out their facebook page for their contact details, Jam and Cream.
Don't forget to sign up for my BUTTON Swap if you haven't already and if you'd like to send and recieve pretty buttons to another person somewhere in the world!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Join me.. for a Vintage Button Swap!

I have mentioned a few times in previous posts, that I would like to do a button swap. Why, because you can never have too many cute buttons! I recently read on a blog I follow, that they were doing a button swap. I will be honest, a little bit of panic and then disappointment came over me as I was hoping to not look like I was copying someone. But, her button swap is for blog buttons, not sewing buttons, if that makes sense! Im relieved and thought I should get this thing started.

Ive never hosted a swap before. Ive been part of two, a pincushion swap, blogged about here and here and a nautical swap we have just finished which you can see here and here. I had so much fun. I think this should be fun!

Basically, the idea is to send a sheet of vintage, vintage inspired, cute, pretty, handmade, self covered, interesting buttons with character to someone else, somewhere else!
I encourage you to look in your stash and second hand shops as thats where I get all my vintage and pretty buttons, or self covering button kits, that you can cover in vintage or pretty fabric.

Ive come up with a few rules, but theyre not really rules, and if you don't understand something, or if I have left something out, please please let me know. I just want this to be fun!

*The swap is open internationally, if you don't want to post internationally, let me know.
*You DONT need to be a blogger.
*Dont feel you have to be someone who is crafty reguarly, if you want more buttons, join us!
*Send them sewn into a piece of cardboard, to make postage cheaper and flatter
*Send atleast 10!
*Keep away from your average button. The idea is that your partner, and yourself, will recieve buttons, you  probably don't own already!
*If your partner does have a blog, do follow them.
*Please follow my blog or follow me on Instagram or twitter or bloglovin..all the links are on the right hand side!
*Send a mixture of different buttons, not all the same
*Large and small are good, so they can be used on different things.
*When I have given you your partners blog, or email address, contact them, and see what they like or dislike. If they love polka dots, you may want to throw in a couple polka dot related, or if they hate all things pink, stay away from sending a pink button.
*Have fun choosing and making buttons that you know someone else will love sewing onto their clothes, bags,making brooches, hair clips, art, quilts etc! And you get to do the same..yay!!!

Sometimes, it takes just one lovely button to completely make a bag or change a cardi, so thats what's behind this button swap, giving things a bit more life!

Ok, do let me know if I have missed something. Leave your name in the comments below and email me at with your email address if you would like to join. I will then contact you to give your details of your partner. Feel free to take the vintage button swap button on the right hand side to put on your blog, and feel free to tell your friends, fam, about this swap!

I will close entries in 2 weeks time, the 9th June, and will then email you your partners. Once you know who you are sending it too, it will need to be sent by the 30th June. Lots of time so you don't need to panic!

Ok..this is scary but im excited. Lets see who my partner is! (I am just going to put all names in a hat and pull two out at once!)

See you soon,


Friday, May 24, 2013

We have a giveaway WINNER!!

This afternoon, I cut up the names of all the lovely people who entered my giveaway, put them in a hat, gave it a good shake and shuffle, and pulled out........

Zara from Zaranne Handmade! Congratulations lovely, and thankyou so much for reading my blog. In the mail, you will recieve these goodies all wrapped in some pretty vintage material..

Handpainted, one of a kind pieces of art from my lovely friend Freya
A pack of 10 envelopes from my trip to Japan,
This cushion cover I crochet,
Some vintage wallpaper
This vintage scone holder,
And a hand written copy of my favourite scone recipe!
Thankyou so much Zara for reading my blog and helping it to make it to 1 year! I hope you enjoy these goodies. Please email me at with your address!
A HUGE thankyou also to Freya at The Marvellous Reject Girl, for her amazing pieces of art and for helping me with this giveaway!
Thankyou to all my readers for helping to keep this blog going!
Lots of love,

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

One friend's trash is now my lovely treasure!

I'm having almost a perfect day. Almost because I would love a slice of sponge cake, but other than that, I'm having a perfect day. The weather is still and sunny, the garden looks nice and we've had Mezz, her hubby and their little Miss over for a band practice (not me, them, but Little Miss, Percy and myself picked flowers out the garden) and we had lunch sitting in the sun. We have also booked a night of movie watching and dinner together on saturday which im very much looking forward to. I think I will do an old fashioned lemon delicious or perhaps some sort of apple pie for dessert.
Anyway, this post is about something totally different..A lovely friend of mine moved house recently, and on one of the days I helped pack stuff for her, she handed over a bag of things she was throwing out but that she thought I would really love. Oh boy was she right. It was quite a lovely feeling knowing just how well she knows me..I guess it makes sense, we've been friends for over 10 years! Here's what I can't believe is her trash and that I can't believe is now my treasure!

These 3 oh so cute plastic figurines. They sit happily in my lounge.

This cute money box
This spoon!!!
A musical stationary holder
This cute bag. I love the large clip
Mini pots of paint. Perfect for my side of the road wooden cabinet.
She also gave hubby and myself some CD's, Aretha Franklin was in the mix, and ive been blasting that I few times this week! Don't you just love recieving things that are exactly you!!
Anyway, I thought Id share these with you. Perhaps you have some things that could get a bit more life and love with someone else or perhaps you might want to start hitting the second hand shops for treasures!
Speaking of all things second hand, I am after, if anyone has one thats not getting looked at anymore, or if anyone knows where I could find one that doesn't cost $28, this book..
Its a book of wonderful nursery rhymes and peoms. I had it as a child and completely forgot it excisted until seeing it yesterday at a friends house. It brought back sooo many memories.
Also, TOMORROW I will pull a name out of a hat (or beanie) for my GIVEAWAY, so enter if you havent already..that's if you want to of course!
Thanks again for reading my blog,
See you soon,