Thursday, January 31, 2013

Peach Picking..A seriously good way to enjoy summer!

It's officially summer in my books (yes I know summer started 2 months ago), but what yells summer at me, is stonefruit. Ive bought some from markets and fruit shops, but it wasn't until the weekend just past that summer really hit. We went fruit picking. Stone fruit picking. The best kind. We picked them straight off the tree. We ate the juciest, sweetest, freshest, cleanest, peaches, nectarines and plums. It was amazing. I grew up with fruit trees around me, so it brought back lovely memories of being able to just eat food straight from the tree and not the shelf! We went to Rayners Stonefruit Farm, sat on the back of his tractor and drove around the orchard for an hour eating fruit and picking what we wanted to take home. Then we ended it off in the cafe with the best homemade roasted blood plum ice cream and a peach and blueberry pie. Soo good! Here are some photos from our day...

Hubby and Percy ready to pick! Cute!
Getting the perfect pieces of fruit picked for us to eat
Some of the delicious fruit I picked to take home
So is your mouth watering yet? I had plans to make icecreams and other sweet treats with this fruit, but intead we ate it fresh as there really isn't anything better!
Check out their website and go have a look yourself!
While I'm here, this is todays pretty plate. I've chosen a peachy colour for today!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

I made a dress!

I made a dress. I made it a couple of years ago, in one night. Something came over me and I was so excited. I then wore it to a party and Ive not worn it since. This is because, although I am/was very proud of making a dress, it wasn't exactly the best. The skirt part was longer in some parts than others, it needed to be re cut and shaped again, it needed better stitching and just needed a bit more love. It didn't look like the one below. I have since tried my best to do all these things in the past few weeks and am now very happy with it, and plan to wear it proudly! And woohoo for a mannequin to dress up, no more trying to take photos of myself with a 10 second self timer!

I hope you like it! I'm already planning my next dress. Will share it with you when it's done!

P.s Forgot to post a plate on friday, so here it is today!

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I made this top!

And Im wearing it! It's not perfect. I could do with a bit more practicing and I need to learn how to make a button hole on my machine as it took me a while to hand sew these button holes, but I'm happy with the outcome! It's breast feeding friendly, fits me well and can be worn under a high waisted skirt as shown, or over a pair of pants or shorts. I'm hoping to start making more of my own clothes, and I'm feeling ok to show you all how I'm going.
Sorry for these photos coming up, Its hard to photograph your self!

There we go! Keep posted on my blog as I made a dress and I'd like to show you!
Taz xx

Monday, January 21, 2013

A lovely weekend.

I had a lovely weekend. What about you? Saturday was spent with my sis in law Mezz, and her two kiddies. We opshopped, had vietnamese for lunch and crafted together. There was obviously chit chat and tea flowing as well. My hubby and her hubby, who are in a band together called The Sketching Room, were recording in their home studio, new songs to warm our hearts and ears with! We ended the day all going out for vietnamese again. Its good, so we didnt mind.

Sunday I had two picnics to go to. Both birthday picnics. I made a couple quick and simple gifts, baked some homemade rolls and enjoyed other delicious food and lovely company.

Made some granny squares for a simple bunting for a gift
 I also made a simple wall hanging by stitching lovely words onto a pretty napkin and attatched a wooden rod and hook.
We enjoyed brownies
A chocolate tart
A strawberry cheesecake
There were also delicious salads, pizzas, dips and other tasty delights. I have another friends birthday this week. I wonder what we will do and where we will eat to celebrate!
Hope your weekend was lovely.
Taz xx

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Back to Front

As mentioned in my hot shoulder pads pot rest post, I had found a dress that I wanted to wear backwards. Reason being, I  am still breastfeeing my 5 month old, and hope to do so a while, so need clothes I can open easily without having to lift things to high and reveal more than I am already. So I did some cutting, stitching, de shoulder padding and made it shorter as it was an ankle long dress :/

Luckily for me, the real front of this dress wasn't made to look like the front exactly. There is probably proper terms for this, but what I mean is, the front and back are exactly the same besides the buttons so it was an easy switch around for me. All I needed to do was make a collar and shorten and thats it. Have a look..

The real front of the dress
The new front (old back) of the dress
The collar I made by folding the top over so this was now lower than the back and not choking me
Please ignore all rubbish in background
Well, i'm quite happy that I can wear this now. Maybe this post will get you thinking about some clothes you have that you thought you couldn't wear. Well now you can!
Have a good weekend!

Pretty Plate Friday!

It's friday already. This week has gone so quick. Here is a lovely hand painted design on a bamboo plate i found.

Hope your all having a lovely friday!

Taz xx

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Shoulder pads can be cool again..or in this case, hot!

I was altering a dress today that I bought from an opshop to wear backwards. Yes backwards. Will share this in another post another time, but part of this altering involved taking the bulky shoulder pads out. They went straight into the bin. Then, as I was getting ready to sew the dress, I decided to do something with the pads rather than have them in the rubbish. As they are quite padded, I thought what better way than to turn them into a pot rest. An apple shaped pot rest just to be cute! I often run around the kitchen with hot pots and pans stressing because I don't know where to put it, but now, I do!

It was pretty easy to make. Hope the pictures show this and you too can do some recycling/upcycling!

Appologies for the bad stitching. I don't take my sewing seriously enough, so there is always something that looks like I did it with my eyes closed! Anyway, I'm quite proud that something that was taking up bin space, and later on earth space, is now a handy kitchen tool!
Taz xx