Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pretty things and wearing handmade 365 days of the year!

My mum recently gave me a pile of magazines she had finished reading. I browsed the trashy ones very quickly and found the october issue of Better Homes and Gardens in the pile. I don't think I have ever read one before, but it really surprised me. Maybe it's because its a spring edition, but they really focused on all things pretty and wonderful! I was quite chuffed. Here are some of the lovely photos just bursting with great craft and decorating ideas. As well as this, there are wonderful recipes. I'm definatly keeping this copy for future inspiration! (apologies for the quality of some of the photos, I have no idea why they're like that!!)

I'm going to keep these pretty images, and the rest in the magazine, for future card making I think!
In other news, I am taking part in Handmade365, run by Rachelle from Tales of Ted and Agnes. The rule is I have to wear atleast one handmade thing everyday for a year, starting october 1st. I definatly do not have 365 handmade items, but will have enough to rotate them around hopefully without repeating to close together! I've already started thinking of new handmade items to make. If you would like to join in, have a read here.

I will be posting what I wear everyday on instagram and will probabaly post some photos here too!
Have you done anything like this before? I'm really excited but nervous..why!!?? I even made a skirt today ready to wear on october 1st! It was an apron, I will show you soon!
Ok, well, bye for now,
Taz xxx 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Food Swapping, one of my new favourite things.

A batch of tangelo and poppyseed syrup cakes cooling, ready for the swap.

Yesterday, I attended my first ever food swap. Just like a clothes swap (these too are up there for one of my fav ways to spend a day), you bring your wares, and swap.In this case, it was homegrown or homemade food. No money is exchanged and you get to eat and take home foods you perhaps have never made or even eaten before. Hubby and I wrote a list of what we wanted to make to swap, and got cracking. Before I share images of all the wonderful food at the swap and what we brought home, I decided to challenge myself and make french macarons, and they worked!!!! Here's my first ever batch, salted choc flavour. I got the recipe from one of my fav books, Poh's Kitchen.

We also made orange cordial, citrus and ginger marmalade, thai green curry paste, and Tangelo cakes. These cakes might just be my new favourite recipe...for now!
We arrived and set up our table with our goods, and walked around the room trying all the other foods available and chatting away. It was great.
Our table of food
My macarons wrapped up ready to swap, and yum samples to try

A table of relish's, peanut sauce and dry choc chip cookie mixes, ready for those emergencys!
Savoury scones, coconut muffins and raw choc balls on offer here,
A table of homegrown rhubarb, lemons, eggs and orange dipped chocolates and honeycomb
Jams, lemon butters, hummus, hedgehog and lemon cordial on offer at this table,
Homemade bbq sauce, hummus, merigues and honey chai spiced almonds on this table
On this table were bags of museli, rocky road and lemon iced biscuits.
There was also homemade apple cider vinegar, candied ginger, chilli sauce and mushroom
sauce. Once the swapping was over, we shared afternoon tea together and took our box of homemade goodies home.
Chocolate cake and tangelo cake for afternoon tea.
Our glorious box of swapped food. We brought home raw choc balls, hummus, chai almonds, eggs, muesli, choc dipped oranges, apple cider vinegar, relish, jam and biscuits.
My lovely friend Beth, who organised the swap has now made a facebook page where people can like, and post info about any swaps they would like to run or be part of any planning for future swaps. You can like and follow along here at Food Swaps Melbourne.
Have you ever done anything like this before? It is really such a great way to share food, reduce waste and get to know people and even better, you don't need to bring your purse! Perhaps it can be a new way of shopping.
Hope your all having a great day. I'm going to have some tea and enjoy a piece of choc dipped orange(the choc balls are finished!).
See you soon,

Monday, September 16, 2013

Homemade High Tea

I LOVE high tea. I will be honest, I have only ever been to one high tea, and that was for my hen's day. It was fabulous. You can eat pretty much as much as you want and all the things you want, no menu to choose from, and its all so petite and pretty. I plan to go have High Tea at Jam and Cream sometime as it looks and sounds amazing, but other than that, high tea for me is usually a pricey thing, so I avoid going. Some friends and I recently decided to have our own high tea. Perfect! Cheap, as pretty, as petite and as delicious as anywhere else! We all wore dresses and sat around chatting, with pots of tea and plates of yuminess. This isn't exactly a DIY post, but have a look at these pics to definatly get ideas and do one yourself!!

We enjoyed scones with jam and cream, zucchini slice, cinnamon biscuits, white choc mudcakes, crustless sandwiches and endless cups of tea. Flowers were from the garden.
It's easy to organise and do. Gather your friends, organise what your baking, pick a house, set the table with pretty servingware and fresh picked flowers, wear a dress and there you have a lovely homemade high tea! We are already talking about our next.
Hope your all having a lovely start to the week.
Taz xx

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Handmade Card Swap..what I recieved and needing your help with a project of mine!

As you would know, I recently took part in Mezz's Handmade Card Swap. I was paired with Shella who writes the blog BellaRae. We got chatting, and made 8 handmade cards to send to each other. I loved my pretty parcel and want to share it with you. I got some lovely cards and a few other handmade goodies too...thanks so much Shella! If you would like to see what I made and sent her, have a read here.

Talking about all things handmade and lovely, if you've not heard that I am making a magazine with Mezz, then you must check out our blog page, Hundreds and Thousands. From there, you can also like us on facebook, where we will update you as we go along with the making of our very first start up issue.
At the moment, we are looking for your help with a logo, so if you like anything to do with handmade, then please have a look on the blog for more details!
Hope your having a great week so far. Today I ate homemade doughnuts at craft group, they were AMAZING!
Bye for now,

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Handmade Card Swap.. What I sent

I recently took part in Mezz's Handmade Card Swap, which was great fun. I don't usually make cards, I love finding interesting ones at opshops, but loved this challenge so joined in. My swap partner was Shella who writes the blog BellaRae. We exchanged a couple of emails and got making. Here is what I made for her. I got hit with the creative stick and made envelopes as well. Oh and threw in a box of her favourite tea.

My handmade envelopes with a piece of my handmade fabric tape inside to seal them..
I wrote in a thrifted card and bought some tea,
I wrapped them all up in vintage fabric and wallpaper and sent them off.
With some left over paper scraps, I made a quick bunting for the kitchen. You can never have too many bunting!!!
Do you make your own cards? Maybe Ive given you some ideas for handmade cards and envelopes. I would love to know if I have inspired you. But a big thanks goes to Mezz for hosting this card swap!
I recieved my parcel from Shella, and am very excited to share what she sent me with you, so keep your eyes on here!!