Monday, September 15, 2014

A cherry dress for Mezz.


So I mentioned in my last post that i'd be back soon to share this dress I made. But it's not soon, it's been a while..again..sorry! We are busy unpacking boxes in our new home in between everyday normal activities so I have just not found the time to do this. But right now, I'm tired, and sitting on my built bed (we've been sleeping on the floor for the past 2 weeks!!!)and feel like blogging.

So, it was Mezz's 30th birthday a few weeks ago and I wanted to make her a dress. One covered in cherries.. If your wondering who Mezz is, she's my sister in law, and co creator of the little mag we make, Hundreds and Thousands

I had opshopped a cherry tablecloth about 2 years ago and knew it needed to be made into something for Mezz, but my dress making skills were not great then, so aren't we all glad she didn't turn 30 a couple of years ago, as we may have had a wardrobe malfunction!

I made it with a gathered skirt, elastic waist and added some bright red lacy trim around the arms and hem.

I'm really happy with this dress. I'm a big fan of dresses with matching belts, so made a belt to go with it as well. I've seen Mezz wearing it a couple of times so that makes me pretty happy!

Yayyy, here she is wearing it!

I'm really enjoying making this style dress and have started selling them at Unwind Craft Cafe and making custom orders.

I plan to be organised and set up an online shop with the fabrics available for dress and skirt orders, so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lifes unexpected changes!

Hello all,

So sorry for my silence, but as the title of this post suggests, life's had some unexpected changes (all good), and it's kept me busy, too busy to blog. I'm planning for that to change though! We also ran out of internet due to a night of michael jackson and celine, mariah and other diva youtube watching!!!

So what's the news, whats changed in my life? Well, firstly, we have moved house. I am currently sitting in my new lounge room with a much deserved cup of tea and packet of shortbread biscuits made by a friend.
We knew we were going to move in the next few months but did not know it would be NOW and to my mums house! She has moved out to go live at my brothers house, and my brother....he's off to germany!

Big changes! Its very exciting, but exhausting at the same time. Today was spent doing the end of lease clean which I HATE. I scrub and clean and do it so well, just to know the house will be knocked down anyway! That's why I'm eating a packet of biscuits. I've been cleaning since 9am and came home at 6.30. No unpacking new home for me right now, I need to sit and blog!

The other unexpected change for me, is finding myself working one day a week selling my handmade goods at the cutest cafe/shop Uwind Craft Cafe in melbourne. It came completely out of the blue, I didnt even know such a place existed, but it was perfect timing. I have only recently been planning and dreaming to one day start a little shop but had no idea where to start and doing this will be such fantastic experience. Even if I never do my own thing, knowing I am part of this really wonderful place makes me really happy. Its a cafe that serves good homemade food, sells handmade wares and you can do craft...perfect really! I am one of the 6 handmade stalls who stock the shop and I am very touched that I was approached to be part of the team. It's such alot of fun and besides it being great for my handmade goods getting out there, its great for my mental health too. Having a day that I can just be me, not a mum, not a wife, just Tarryn selling my handmade things in a place that brings out more of the Tarryn I want around is so so good, for me and so I can be a better mum and wife! Here's some pics of the shop and my stall set up. I would LOVE you to visit sometime, I work on thursdays!

One of my Butter and Buntings dresses on display

Lots of bunting available and a new product, vintage inspired party invitations!

The cafe stocks Bendigo Wool which is very popular and beautiful!

Percy also turned 2 last weekend, which was not unexpected but it was another wonderful thing thrown in with all the changes. He is just too cute and I am loving this age so much. I am determined to not let the phrase 'terrible twos or threes' play a part in our relationship, and I will give his toddler years my own name once we are through it. For now, its really lovely and going so quickly.

Ok, well I will end here. I promise to be back soon. I made Mezz a cherry dress and I'd love to show you! But until then, its unpacking boxes! 

Taz x

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Supporting Pretty Handmade.

Hi lovely readers,

Hope you are all well. Its pretty cold here in melbourne today. Although the sun was shining so it made the winter trees, new flowers and green grass really pretty.

I wanted to share with you some other pretty things in my life. I have been doing a bit of handmade shopping over the past few months as really, Im so in love with so much I see and really want to support handmade. I also can't expect people to support my handmade business if I don't support theirs.

Ever since signing up for theHandmade 365 challenge, it's given me extra reason to be on the look out for new bits and pieces to wear. Not only for the challenge but for good. I love these pieces I have bought, and hope I have introduced you to some new makers that you can perhaps support.

These cute garlands were bought from the Belgrave South Community Market

Hair slide and embroided brooch from Winifred and Delilah, miniature embroidery hoop from Dandelyne

Cute vintage book postcard by The Crafty Squirrel

Bought this brooch at the Craft and Quilt Fair

Love this DIY necklace kit, from BLANK

This cute crochet collar is by Thread the Love

Cute buttons by Shabbyshack at the Craft and Quilt Fair

Hankie bunting by The Barefoot Seamstress

Handpainted brooch by Elliot My Dear bought at Markit at Fed Square

LOVE this upcycled vintage belt buckle and button brooch by TiggyandTo

Tree of Life necklace handmade by Tess and Trix

Cute crochet necklace by Little Wise Owl bought at the Northern Regards Market

My very talented sister made these handmade hair slide, brooch and peter pan collar at Lola and Joy

This oh so colourful neckline by Daisybee Necklines

Loved this brooch bought from Round She Goes Market

A vintage woolen banket bunting...perfect! This was bought from a local crafter at the Park Orchards Primary School Fete.

Have you found any new makers selling some lovely things?. I'd love to know some of your favourites. 

Yay for handmade!

Taz x

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Swapping handmade kids clothes!


Hope you are all well. We all are. I totally forgot to do this blog about the clothes swap I took part in a month or so ago. It was Jenny from Make and Mend New that organised the sweet swap, and I was teamed with Alyna from Thrifty Gifty. Percy recieved such delightful clothes and I was excited to make something for both her son and daughter. Here's some pics..

I made this woolen blanket vest for Alynas son..

And this dress for her daughter!

Wrapped it up in colourful paper and added a paper garland for the kids room.

Percy's package came wrapped in cute tshirt material that I will turn into one for him..

cute shorts..

and cute the pocket fabric!

Percy also got this wonderful paper and pencil carry bag..he loves it!

It was such a fun swap, and so cute knowing little Percy would be wearing something made just for him!

Thankyou Alyna and Jenny..I look forward to the next one! 

Do you know of any interesting swaps happening? Or joined any fun ones yourself?

Taz x

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our weekend in Ballarat

Wow..two blog posts in a row! Our computer is being silly. Past couple of days it didn't want to turn on and now its working fine. So may as well churn these posts out while I can!

On the weekend, the 3 of us packed our suitcases and drove to Ballarat for 3 nights. We stayed in the same very cute cottage as last time, Lalor Cottage Ballarat. I went with a good list of things I wanted to do, see and eat. I follow quite a few online people from their blogs to instagram and facebook, and had found some cute looking places that I knew I wanted to visit. The weekend did not disappoint. Cafes were delicious, opshops amazing, and the creative side of things...had no idea how many cute craft and handmade shops were about, so it left me feeling very motivated and inspired! Here are pics from our weekend.

Flowers and vintage teapot perfection at The Retro Church Cafe

Inside this building was an opshop!!!

Inside the retro church cafe. Met some delightful locals.

Cake from Cake Bake Shop

Homemade soup and irish soda bread still warm from the oven

Cute paper flowers I found at The Crafty Squirrel

Opshopped. Brand new. I am still in shock.

Bought some bits and pieces for a garland

Opshopped 20c teacups

I plan to make the middle dress in this opshopped fabric

Some lovely finds in Dayelsford

50c clothes

A bib I plan to attach as a pocket onto an item of clothes

Loved this the floral skirt. 

Have you been to Ballarat?

Hope you enjoyed the photos. See you soon.
Taz xx