Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nautical Craft Swap: What I made!

Hooray, my nautical craft swap partner has recieved her parcel which means I can share it here! The theme was nautical this year and I was a bit confused to be honest. I didn't really know how to make boats and anchors pretty and my partner also told me some of her interests like bicycles and that she had been wearing her hair up and liked the idea of a hair piece. I had an idea from the very start and realised if I didn't just stick to it, I could have ended up with a flop, so I made what I felt comfortable with, included something bicycle related and hair related! Here is what I made. I hear she loves it, hooray!! She even blogged about it at her new blog, so please go and have a read at Frocksford!

On my kitchen wall..may need to make myself some!
Love this fabric, its part of a 60's dress!
Was so happy to finally use my anchor buttons
Crochet a nautical blue granny square
Gave her one of my crochet bows
Bought these bicycle earrings, thought they were perfect
Sent her this card
If you would like to see what she sent me which includes the cutest bunting and hand made buttons!!!! have a look here and here on her brand new blog!
Also, tomorrow I am having tea with my lovely and talented friend who will be giving me one of a kind hand painted art for my one year blogging anniversary giveaway so stay tuned!
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Thanks again for reading my blog!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

A photo of mine is in the latest Gathered by Mollie Makes!

Im finding this very exciting. It's probabaly not hard to get a photo put into a mag or in this case ipad app, but I'm pretending they found me, loved me and wanted to put me in their pretty shiny pages. (I actually just responded to a ad they had and got picked, still as exciting!). The ad was for recent thrifted finds, and I thought id sahre with them my kitchen cabinet as everything on there is thrifted. They emailed me saying YES! and here it is, as well as some other snapshots of the latest Gathered.

My kitchen cabinet with all its thrifted everything!
Well there you go! Ive moved into a new house since that photo was taken, so it no longer looks like that, but i'm still very proud!
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Hope your having a good weekend, we have new car hunting to do and Mezz and her children coming over today, so I should go get dressed!

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Snippets of my new home

Hi everyone! I feel like ive been so quiet lately (which I have), as we have finally moved into our new home, and its just been a very very full on week. Moving is tiring by its self, but combine that with having a 8 month old who now needs more than just one toy to play with (and he is crawling now), hubby having a minor but car is a right off accident, being caretakers at our other place, sadness and scares to deal with, Im feeling quite exhausted. But  I absolutely love my new home, and I love coming home here feeling peaceful and relaxed. Ive taken lots of snippets which ive shared over on instagram, and I thought id share with you some of my new living space.

In the kitchen

A beauty in the kitchen
Setting up the lounge
A new home for my salt and pepper collection
House view from backyard
View of front garden from lounge
Another garden view
Im hoping to get my craft space set up soon and get back into being creative, but until then, its unpacking.
This week also marks one year of me blogging, so as i mentioned a while ago, I will have a giveaway with some of my friends hand painted art. Hopefully I can get this sorted soon, before the anniversary period is over!!
Stay tuned,

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nautical Craft Swap..What I recieved!

It's always exciting recieving something in the letterbox. A card is just fine, but when its a little bulkier, its terribly exciting! Ive been waiting for a parcel from my Nautical Craft swap partner and it's arrived! I signed up to take part in the swap at House of Pinheiro's blog. The theme was nautical and away we went. I can't wait to share what I made, but will wait until my partner recieves it! This is what I got.

Nautical themed buttons SHE handmade!!!
A oh so cute bunting!
She died the fabric herself using crayons!
This awesome vintage 1950's cookbook she found at an opshop
Love the note the original owner recieved!
It excites me to think that all these things came from another country, and handmade and lovingly thought of by another person! My swap partner doesn't have a blog but is hoping to start one, and I will definatly share it with you when she does!
If you would like to see more nautical creations that have been swapped you can here.
Thankyou once again for my pressies!
Keep your eye on my blog as I will share what I sent soon!
Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

$2 bag of happy...best vintage fabric finds!

A few weeks ago, hubby, percy and I walked to a local school fete. It was a small one, but it is up there for one of my favourites. We bought amazing homemade brownies and biscuits, fresh produce from a families garden, mum got her car washed and I scored two bags of AMAZING vintage fabric all for $2. I really don't need it, but it was either me or the tip! Actually, I do need it!!! We ended up sending it home with my mum as I didnt want to walk home with all our shopping. Didn't expect to find such treasure. Have a look at these vintage prints..


Im just so excited about the things I can make with this fabric. Will also keep some for gifts, and maybe make bundles to sell..there is alot!
Hope you are having a good day. I am. I had a lovely picnic with Mezz and kids today, ate our yummy food and gazed at trees!
I made a fruit salad, cheese shortbread and choc chip biscuits and packed the essentials!
Thanks for reading,