Sunday, November 16, 2014

Join me for a night of crafting!

Im running my DIY handmade fabric tape workshop this wednesday night the 19th november from 6.30-9 at Unwind Craft Cafe as part of their open night, which is a new craft and nibbles night they are going to start running. There are still spots available to join my workshop, learning how to make your own tape from vintage fabric scraps. Or you could book yourself into one of the other crafty tables. There will be crochet bowl making, garlands, christmas decorations, knitted water bottle holders, working with embroidery hoops and wool dying. There will be food, and the shop will be open for usual business! Hooray!!

This pic is from Tiggy and To

Love this pic from Susan who came to one of my classes.

These are some of my favourite ideas for using tape! Pics are just from google...there are  sooo many ideas on there!

The cost of the night is $35 which includes food. There may be more costs depending on which craft you want to take part in. My tape workshop will have everything you need! Go to the Unwind website to book a spot, or to just get a bit more information!

Oh and I will have copies of Hundreds and Thousands there, including the just released Christmas Issue!


Taz xx

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lately...cakes, green hills and lots and lots of ducks.

Hello again,

I thought id come say hi, and share some of what has been keeping me busy lately and making life fun!

Celebrating Hundreds and Thousands 1st birthday! These cakes were from two delightful ladies, Jemima and Bhavani

Watching the ducks at our favourite spot, Warrandyte

I am seriously in love with the banana/peanut butter combo. 

Finding new beautiful spots to escape to, like here at Birdsland Reserve


Breakfasts with friends

Mezz and I making the Christmas issue of our magazine

Running the cake stall at our local church fete. Had some of my handmade bits and bobs too.

My friend who bought one of my dresses then wore it for the rest of the day! Such a lovely feeling!

Morning teas

Picnics and grass at Lillydale Lake

more ducks!

Another lovely spot to be outdoors and see some ducks, McAlpin Reserve

Hope you've been having a lovely week so far! Would love to hear about it. xx


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Things Ive taken photos of recently.

I've been taking a lot of photos recently. There just seems to be lots of things I'm loving and want to capture. I'm still using my phone, but looking at cameras on gumtree, so hopefully something comes up! I thought id share a few of my recent pics with you.

Tonight's pizza made with my favourite yoghurt pizza dough, fresh tomato sauce and homegrown olives(not mine).

My new favourite spot to sit. This tree is beautiful and the purple flowers have s lovely smell.

Colourful salads and this bowl, which was in a huge box full of opshopped goodies my friend dropped off for me.

Morning light

Watching Percy play

This display of cakes. I got to try some too!

Another dress ready for a customer. I am in love with this one.

Enjoying colouring in, especially while sitting on the swing under the tree.

Picnics with Percy and friends. These peanut butter biscuits are amazing. 

Enjoying these roses before they go. Given to me by a friend who picked them up on her walk.

Hope your all having a lovely week so far. I've got a wonderful weekend planned, so will have photos from that to show you I am sure!

Taz x

Friday, October 24, 2014

Out and About: Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens

Hello all,

back again. Today Percy and I went on our next outdoorsy explore and escape and relax outing. Ive started to write a list of places to go, and each friday we will jump in the car and go to one on the list. Todays was the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens in the dandenongs. I felt like I was back in my childhood actually. My dad used to take us to all sorts of amazing gardens and reserves, wild life parks and hiking tracks that we would explore, and I want to pass that on to Percy. It was a beautiful day and I took some photos to show you!

Had a simple picnic for lunch. Boiled eggs, fresh bread and loads of butter.

Do you know of any places I should write on my list?

Taz xx