Monday, April 30, 2012

Butter, buntings and baby!

Butter, buntings and baby!

So, I really should have made the name of my blog butter, buntings and baby as the baby part is a pretty big, infact major part of my life! I'm expecting my first baby in August (this year! clarifying as someone asked this year or next year!!) and so alot of what I am doing, buying and thinking is revolving around him..yes its a him! Ultrasound pretty clear so i'm not too stressed it will turn out the other way! I'm not a buy brand new girl, unless its something I need today and opshops, garage sales, markets and hand me downs may not be able to help immediatly! But I wouldn't want to be any other way and I think I've found the BEST baby boy clothes recently at opshops! One of the little outfits made me think of my twin brother and myself when we were around 1, in very similar outfits, so I felt quite emotional about that, as I don't have anything from my childhood to pass on to my little one, so finding something similar is so lovely! Ive included photos of my twin and I in the outfits and the ones I found. So here are some photos of the cutest things I have found for little one, and all second hand, recycled and cheap!!

My twin brother (in the blue) and me!

The little blue outfit that reminds me of my brother and I!

Love all the fine detail in these 3 pictures!

Love this Rupert the Bear belt I found!

I can't wait to see him in all these little things as well as the many handmade clothes I know his is getting from generous and talented family members! Thankyou!



  1. Ohmygoodnessssss! You are honestly going to have the cutest dressed baby ever. I hope he's all fat and squishy so that he sticks out of those playsuits like kyle did.
    And why would someone ask if it's next August? That'd be a reaaally long pregnancy. He'd be able to walk by then... JUST KIDDING. :)
    Love sam

  2. How amazingly cute is the photo of you and Kyle! And how gorgeous are the things you found in op shops. I'll keep looking....have already found some. It's such a joy to go treasure hunting and come up with a gem. Roll on August(some of the BEST birthdays are in that month...) Joy xo

  3. oooh...very very cute! i especially love the yellow cardie. and we have a few cute things to add to your colection too!hooray! cant wait to pass them onto you xxx

  4. Hi ladies,

    Thanks for reading! And thankyou to all 3 of you for being so generous to us and our little one! Im excited mezz, to see felix's things! Thankyou!