Saturday, June 21, 2014

My new winter coat.

So I made myself a coat. It's been something I have wanted to do for a while now, and after making Percy's coat, I knew I needed to try making mine finally!

Im pretty happy with this. It's not perfect. But its a handmade coat!!! Made by me!!! Two needles snapped...blankets are hard to sew with.
I used a $1 woolen blanket and lined it with some very pretty opshopped quilted material for extra warmth. The buttons were opshopped too, I think they were once on a couch. Here's some pics...

Here's Percy in his new coat. It fits perfectly.

It feels pretty good ticking sewing goals off my list. Anything you've tried making that has been a goal of yours for a while?

See you soon,



  1. It is so nice when you get things done that you have on your list isn't it. I love the lining on your coat! Hope that you both enjoy wearing your coats. xx

    1. Thanks for commenting! I loved the lining and have been wanting to use it for a while now. So far the coats are doing their job well. xx

  2. Your coat is really fantastic Taz... well done!
    The little lamb on Percy's coat is such a great touch... you should run a couple of kids coats up for your stall... it's actually quite hard to find charming little jackets for kids... for wee gals in particular. X

    1. Oh thankyou my dear. Yes I loved the lamb on Percy's blanket, knew I had to keep that somehow. Good idea making more to sell, I just need to fix up some of my rough sewing skills and learn how to not break needles. xx