Thursday, January 15, 2015

Take time for tea.

I received some very useful advice today. I was told (in a lovely way), to take time for my tea. Tea drinking was supposed to be enjoyed as a ceremony, and its been a little forgotten. Tea is now as quick and instant as ever, and we usually have it on the go. There's always a half empty cup around the house, often left there because of how busy and distracted we are. Tea is such a healing thing, both physically and mentally. But only really when we take time for it.

I was told to take time choosing the type of tea you want to drink. There are hundreds of lovely herbal teas out there, or just your normal black tea, but take the time to choose.

Choose a teacup. Take a moment to find one that's dainty and sweet. One that makes the whole experience a bit more special.

Take time to make your tea in a pot rather than straight out of the kettle. The action of pouring and straining the tea from a teapot is part of the healing and relaxing experience. Even choose a tea cosy that you like. All of this takes a bit more time and effort, but your able to then experience tea for the wonderful thing it is.

And the best bit, drink the tea, sitting down, with your feet up. Don't walk around pottering, but make an effort to sit. Sounds funny, but its so hard these days to force ourselves to actually stop and sit. And putting your feet up just makes the experience even more wonderful!

So I did this today. I chose an organically grown loose leaf spearmint tea. Chose a lovely teacup and saucer and made a pot. I sat and sipped it slowly, with my feet up. I watched the tea as I strained it into the tea cup. I smelt the tea and tried (with a toddler running around) to focus on nothing but the tea. It was lovely and 1 hour later, found myself ready to get up. Im hoping to try do this a few ties a day. Maybe not as long, but choosing to stop and make the tea the only thing going on.

You may love the way you have your tea already, but if you find the time, even if for 5 minutes, try a few of these tips just so you can enjoy the tea a different way.

What's your favourite tea?

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