Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Making maternity dresses

I'm quite excited. I made myself another dress(yay)! It's a maternity dress(extra yay)! And I made it following a pattern(oh my goodness yay)!! First time ever! And it was actually quite simple. Instead of doing my usual throwing the pattern across the room or looking at the lines and getting stressed, I read everything slowly and carefully and it all made sense.

Like all my patterns, this one was opshopped and already cut from the previous owner! I like to imagine what theirs ended up looking like. What fabric and trimmings they used. Anyway, I didn't really know what size I was working with so didn't alter anything. The end result is a little loose but I think as my tummy grows, it will fill the dress more and probably be perfect later in my pregnancy. It's not bad now but I think I would have been better making a size smaller. Next time! 

I attempted this pattern first, as it is just a simple a-line dress. I think it's called maternity because it does have quite a loose fit to fit growing bellies. The pattern also asked for darts. I've always avoided them but this time tried to do it carefully reading the pattern and marking the fabric. They are actually very simple and straight forward! Anyway, with this new confidence and excitement that I can wear pretty dresses that fit, I hoping to make the other maternity patterns I have too. Here's the dress I made. Lovely autumn colours which I didn't plan but it's worked out wonderfully. 

If only I had the hair and face to match.

These are the patterns that I'm going to start next...

Love the pink dress

Just gonna whip up the blue one for a day pottering at home. Joking, hoping to make the middle brown one.

I'm loving this dress making phase I'm in at the moment. Looking forward to my Handmade Dress Swap, which if you would like to join, you can sign up hhere

See you soon, maybe with another handmade maternity dress!

Taz x


  1. You are truly amazing. Beth xox

  2. I love your little maternity frock Taz (and I think you look lovely in it). I'm looking forward to seeing the other two when you make 'em - especially the brown one because I think it's gorgeous (the version with sleeves! Sigh!) x

  3. You are so cute Taz. Love this dress style, fabric, the buttons and lace.

  4. What a sweet dress and I think colourings suit you so perfectly. You look lovely and the cardi is perfect too. I watch on eagerly for the dress swap-I haven't signed up as tempting as it is as I just can't afford the time at the moment.

  5. What a great frock! Love it on you, especially with the added trim. I find sewing a bit overwhelming, but I quite like adding darts. I've added darts to lots of op shopped frocks to make them fit better too. Xx