Thursday, April 9, 2015

It's getting cold so I've made a new blanket!

As I type this, I'm sitting outside in the wonderful sun! I'm eating watermelon and feeling quite summery! But there's something about his sunshine that's so so lovey, and that is,  it only comes out between crisp cold mornings and long cold evenings. You know the sunshine will leave and at no point do I overheat! Autumn is here and I am loving every moment of it! But it was one of those cold evenings that inspired and pushed me to make myself a new blanket. I was quite cold. And the thought of crocheting or knitting one sounded so comforting but I knew it wouldn't be ready for this winter!

So, instead, I cut up some old jumpers and cardigans I don't wear anymore, and stitched them together to make our new blanket. The idea was originally from The Crafty Minx in one of her books I think years ago. But also from my desire t0 use these brightly coloured woollens I just don't wear anymore and make them practical again!



With another cardi that was too small to cut into a neat square, I made into a hot water bottle cover(left one) to go with our other one made from a jumper that we bought from a market a few years ago!
I'd love to know if you make your own blankets for the cold months...or any favourite ways to get ready and enjoy autumn or winter!?
See you soon,
Taz xx


  1. That is just such a wonderful make, a great idea! I make blankets for warmer weather too, I really hate to be chilly x

  2. oh how i am loving your take on the upcycled sweater quilt. the colors are so vibrant and i love how you kept the quirkiness of their designs! i have piles and piles of fabric to turn into blankets but lack the organizational skills to clean and well...prep. someday though there will be one made from my favorite pajamas and one from t-shirts...crossing fingers!

  3. what a fun blanket, good use of old jumpers. I have been saving my sons old tea-shirts for a while now, some of them were real classics. Hope to do the same with them one day and make a quilt. X

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