Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ballarat Apron Festival 2015

Hello! Where has time gone!! Sorry for the delay in sharing about the fabulous Apron Festival I went to.

Its held each year (this being its second year) in the lovely town of Ballarat. The festival celebrates aprons from the very very olden days to today. They were just gorgeous! There was also an option of entering in a handmade apron, to possibly win a prize, but really, the joy came from seeing them on display! I decided to make one and enter it. I entered it into the 'Best use of colour ' category, which was not hard, and actually meant I didn't have to choose which fabric to use, and used them all!

I made mine by  patch working vintage fabrics, then attaching thrifted crochet pockets then I lined  the back with a vintage tablecloth making it reversible.


I had never been to the festival before and wasn't sure what to expect, but I was delighted to see a huge beautiful church hall packed with amazing aprons, tables of donated craft and house goods for sale(picture tablecloths, aprons galore, doilies, books etc), areas to get crafty and there was a cute pop up café run by a delightful café in Ballarat, Vegas and Rose who were selling delicious homemade food. I loved it all so much, I browsed once with the fam, then a second time by myself, so I could really take it all in and rummage through everything! Take a look...




I have so many more photos to share, but this post will end up way to long! It was just such a lovely festival, and was so nice to have my apron part of it! The festival runs with the Heritage Weekend, so if your thinking of going to the next Apron Festival, I highly recommended it, as the heritage weekend had so much to see and do! Stay in Ripon Miners Cottage or Lalor Miners Cottage(we've stayed at both and both are lovely) to really enjoy wonderful Ballarat!

Did you go to the apron festival, or been to anything similar? I'd love to know!

Now to wait til the Fish Creek Tea Cosy Festival starts up again, that's my next one to attend! I heard they also did a Anzac biscuit festival which is just wonderful, isn't it!!

See you soon,

Taz x


  1. Wow, if you like aprons that is the place to be! So much colour and so many beautiful aprons. Glad that you had a great time! xx

  2. Wow, what an amazing festival. And just look at all those pretty aprons. Your handmade patchwork apron is beautiful. x