Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A broochy picture.

A broochy picture.

Today I decided I needed to do something about my collection of brooches. I have quite alot! I love them all, and was not planning to throw any out, just make a way to see them in their prettyness and use them more than I do. I also, have ALOT of pretty fabric and wanted to put the two together. This is a really easy project that you can try as well.

To make this pretty picture slash brooch storing device you will need a pretty frame of your choice,

Strong, thick fabric of your choice. I went for a pale colour so the brooches would stand out but you can choose anything.

Then you will need a hammer and small nails. Oh and your collection of lovely brooches of course! Nail one corner of fabric to the corner of the frame, on the back, then make your way around the frame, pulling the fabric tightly.

Once the fabric is attatched to the frame, tightly, trim any edges that are showing on the front side and start attatching your brooches. You could even hang earrings off it as well!

Hang this new pretty art piece somewhere easy to reach and get excited about what brooch your going to wear next!

Hope you enjoyed this little DIY project!