Sunday, September 23, 2012

Here Comes the Sun.

Here Comes the Sun.

Yesterday in melbourne, was a delightful 23 degrees! Spring is here and it makes me happy. Although we are supposed to get some cooler days again soon, having warm, sunny days just gets me so happy inside, and I can't wait for summer to come. To make the most of yesterdays sunshine, we went on a lovely drive to......yep, the St Andrews Market! I'm sure you know just how much I love that place, as I have blogged about it here and here.

This time, we had our little Percy with us, aswell as two of our good friends. And, the market did not disappoint! Also bumped into my lovely mother! It really was the place to be yesterday! I bought lots, and thought I would show you!

A wheat and lavender bag handmade by a little 80yr old lady
Lovely soap
Delicious dried organic apricots
A wooden camera stamp for a certain clever and crafty member
of our family for Christmas
Seeds to plant in our vegie boxes
A lovely blouse with pretty stitching
This cute cherry top
Lollies! All natural and locally made
Here are some photos of us enjoying the markets beautiful surroundings...


All of us enjoying some lunch


We then headed to our favourite cafe across the road from the market to buy some delicious cake. Look at one of the cute nooks in the cafe you can enjoy some cake...
We decided, although this looked lovely, the sun was just so bright and warm, so we headed to nearby Kangaroo Ground war memorial lookout tower and sat on the grass, enjoying the stunning views....and cake!
Percy and dad relaxing


The city in the distance


Percy loving the sunshine

It was just a lovely day in every way, and I hope you take time one saturday this spring to visit this lovely spot.
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