Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Maggie Beer is right, gardening is good for the soul!

Maggie Beer is right, gardening is good for the soul!

Yesterday, was spontanious gardening day. I say spontanious because I was talking to my husband, getting no response, went looking for him and found him almost knee high in soil!
Found him!

Working hard!
He had decided he was going to plant all the seeds and seedlings we have been wanting to plant for months, to start our veggie boxes. I was more than happy for this to be happening, and watched on, as I don't really know much about gardening. But he encouraged me to help, and I did find it very relaxing and excitng about the possible vegies and herbs we will be able to eat.
So armed with our organic soil,
some cute garden pots and watering cans,

and jamie olivers encouragment,
 we managed to plant basil, chives, both types of parsely, mint, lettuce and oregano!

We think(and hope) we have managed to save our thyme that was a bit sad. We transfered it to a new box, new soil and just hope it will survive!

We now can't wait to head to some farmers markets, or Bunnings, and find more plants to start growing! I would love to find a linseed plant to grow!
What have you found easy to grow? Any tips?
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  1. We had a fantastic chilli bush that went a little bit crazy over March-April (there are only so many chillis you can eat!) so during Winter I cut them all off (about 40 in total), strung them on some fishing wire and now we've had dry chillis all throughout the cooler months to use in our meals. Unfortunately our naughty dog Stanley ripped Mr Chilli Bush out of our pot and it has gone to God. Currently our mint and oregano have started picking up. I love mixing mint leaves through summer fruits. :) Beth xox

    1. Thanks for your suggestion beth. We have now bought chillies and will see how they grow!

  2. I recommend getting online and joining the Diggers Club (I think they are based down your way), they have heritage seeds that are amazing. Sugar Snap peas, super easy to grow and taste divine. I also grew mini white cucumbers and of course tomatoes.

    1. I love sugar snap peas so next time we are at a farmers market, will look for the seeds or plant and hopefully we can grow some! Thanks!