Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dottie, Mollie and Granny Chic.

I know online shopping is not new to anyone, but I have only just got into it. I really love and prefer to go shopping on foot. I love walking through markets, love finding my way through crowded opshops! But sometimes, when you just want something that you probably won't find second hand, you look to the world of online shopping! I wanted to own a few more craft books. I knew the ones I wanted so bought them. Since buying them and recieving the package at the door(this part is terribly exciting), I can't seem to look away, and am finding myself browsing the online opshops and second hand finds! Anyway, I bought myself 3 books. All are perfect and cute and they've got me a little excited!

The first was Dotti Angel's book, The peachy crafty world of Tif Fussel. Ive had my eye on it for a while and this is why..






The second book I bought is Mollie Makes Christmas by Mollie Makes Magazine.






And the third lovely book is written by Dottie Angel and Ted and Agnes, called Granny Chic.

Love this! Pages to write on!








I hope you have enjoyed this snippet of some of the lovliest books i've bought! They would make lovely presents for a crafty friend or keep one to inspire yourself!


  1. Oh yay, I am buying granny chic tomorrow, can't wait! I also had my eye on Mollie makes and would really love meet me at mikes too. Have you seen soulemamas books?

  2. I want to read them. LEND THEM TO ME SISTA!