Thursday, February 27, 2014

Joining in with Pips link-a-long ~ what's inspiring me at the moment.

Pip from meetmeatmikes recently did a post which was great to read. It was about blogging and what inspires her. I'm joining in and thought I'd share with you who/what inspires me to be creative, blog, cook, love life etc at the moment.

In no particular order as they are all equally inspiring to me in their own way:

Green green grass and flowers in a garden do unbelievable things for my mental health which then lead to other wonderful things. This photo was taken at the Fletcher Jones Gardens.

Lunch Lady. Her recipes, why she started her lunch lady blog, their way of life, it's all right up there for how I try to live. Homemade, self sufficient, caring about what goes in my families mouths, but doing it simply and happy to get help as well as teach. Her blog/Instagram is one I am always excited to read.

Zara from Zaranne handmade. She's been on my fav list for a very long time and is still up there as one of my main inspirations. Simple beautiful crafts, generous, healthy baker, totally everything I hope my blog can be about!

Mollie makes. Yes, their magazine has totally inspired me to make my own magazine and making my own is something I never thought possible. The second magazine is about to be released after the first sold out. Mollie makes, although pretty popular now, we're a bit quieter to start and I fell In love. Still great, I'm saving my money though to work on my own!!


Mezz from mezzmakesstuff.and my fellow magazine maker. Although I mention Mezz ALOT on my blog as we do a lot together, she really is one of my greatest inspirations. From the simple, creative, love and thought filled crafts to her singing, her way of being creative and doing the things she loves whilst being a mum and wife is completely inspiring for me.

Ash from Her crocheting ways, her cooking and her attitude towards doing what you want to do, is always so refreshing. She spends her time doing the things that make her happy! She's someone you want to be around!

Sam (my real blood sister) runs the delightful Lola and Joy shop, selling vintage dresses. This is great, as well as her love for travel and people, which she then goes forward and works on. No questioning, just doing. This keeps me motivated to just do and enjoy! Although younger than me, she is always the one I talk to when in need of advice with my shop/creative ideas.

The seaside. Strange one yes, but time at the sea for me does way more than cool me down and get sand/wind through my hair. It fills me with an amazing peace, and feeling of I can take things on, whether creative or life skills, I thank my dad for my love for the sea. This photo was from a recent weekend in Warrnambool. 

The Whole Pantry App .The recipes and photos are stunning and what I've tried off the app so far I have absolutely loved. So nice to have this to go too!

My narmie. I don't think a day goes by where I don't think of her baking, sewing, her button tin, her clothes. Her steak egg and chips, her tins of pastry shells ready for dollops of jam or the barbie clothes she used to sew for me. I sew and cook like I do because for her it was normal life, so I'm going to make it normal for me too.

I could probably go on, but these are on the top of my list at the moment/in general.

What's on yours? Join in Here.

I'm hosting a recipe and vintage kitchen swap Here if your looking for something lovely to do!

Taz xx


  1. Love this post, thanks for saying such nice things! Is that a pic of your narmie when she was a kid?its such a great photo xx

  2. Oh thank you Taz. It's a lovely feeling to know that I inspire you.
    You always share your sweet creative makings here on your blog and they inspire me to get off my bum and get making too.