Thursday, February 6, 2014

It's february- A life update!

Hi all,

I realised the other day I have not done a blog post in a while. Not sure anyone has noticed, but I like to type down a post every now and then and I think its been a little too long.

We are in the middle of long hot days, day after day, its really making any activity quite hard to do. But I have been keeping busy with all sorts..

Percy has started swimming lessons. Today was his second and it went much better than last week(his first lesson). I approached it differently, and whether or not he noticed, I definitely found it more of a positive experience than last time. He is still unsure about a few things and all he really wants to do is throw things into the water, so its about keeping him distracted and happy at the moment, not really caring about learning skills just yet. After each lesson, we head out to a local cafe for a drink and a banana for him. It's becoming quite a nice day.

Percy and hubby walking to the cafe after this mornings lesson

  I have also been keeping busy working on issue one of my handmade magazine, Hundreds and Thousands with Mezz. We have a date we would like to release the mag, so we are focussing on reaching that goal, and it's been loads of fun. We had a little photoshoot during the week which was delightful. Full of nice sunshine, bunting and colour. Did I mention our Starter issue is SOLD OUT!!!!

I havent been doing much sewing since my dresses or any other craft really. It really has been too warm to sit anywhere but near the aircon.

One of the dresses Ive made. For sale in my online shop.

My mums pool has come in very handy this summer. I'm quite the sucker for spending silly amounts of time under the water, like a fish. I love swimming at the very bottom of a pool and enjoying the peace, weird I know.

Baking, eating, cooking, eating, is still happening as usual. Ive been loving instant ice creams and using my homemade yoghurt to make frozen yogurt. I also baked homemade lamingtons for the first time, which were a hit!

Instant mango ice cream, recipe from Wholefood Simply

We did a spot of fruit picking to pick the best peaches,plums and nectarines. These make summer better! I used the plums to make frozen yogurt.

Homemade blood plum and strawberry frozen yoghurt.

We have also been living on smoothies and chia puddings as they are sooo easy to make in the warm weather and so filling. The smoothies are usually what ever I can find, thrown in with either almond milk, coconut milk or regular milk. Chia puddings are from my Petite-Kitchen cookbook.

 Hubby has been playing some gigs and has a few coming up which I am very excited about.

This gig was played with a school friend of mine, Freya Bennet, at a crepe and music lounge. Perfect really. We ordered a buckwheat salted caramel crepe and it was good.

Pete is also playing with his sister Mezz at the Yarraville Festival next weekend, and at the Yackandandah Folk Festival later in march which I am very much looking forward to, as we will stay there for the weekend.

Speaking of weekends, I've booked us a weekend away in Warrnambool in 2 weeks time. I would love to know of any places we should visit, opshops, cafes etc? We are also planning on visiting the dairy farm we get our milk from, Schulz Organic Farms. How often do you get to actually see the animals/farms you get your food from these days!!!

My weekly activities have also started since school holidays are over. Craft groups on a wed, pilates thurs and ive started walking/running for no reason other than to have me time, outside.

Well, I think this post is long enough! It's nice to sometime jot, or in this case, type it all down.

How is the year going for you so far? I'd love to know!

I am hoping to make this year more positive, more yes's, less overthinking and less no's for me. Im learning just how important Percy's development is at this age, and how he needs to be my main focus. 

Ok, well, see you soon,

Taz xx


  1. love this post taz, and love you!

  2. I've missed your lovely posts. January just flew by didn't it.
    Chia puddings are a favourite guilt-free sweet treat here too. x

  3. So many lovely things here. Echo the swimming under water thing xxx

  4. Thanks lovely ladies for the comments. Hopefully will be back soon with more posts. xxx

  5. Is that your natural hair colour Taz? I LOVE it! It's the same colour as my darling BFF and younger sister. Her hair is divine xxx