Sunday, March 16, 2014

Recent makes: One of a kind Beatles tshirt and a vintage book turned into 3 decorations!

Yesterday we celebrated our nephews 3rd birthday. It was very cute. He was very excited and stood waiting for me to hand him his present. This was good, because it meant he would actually take note of what he got, rather than just rummaging through a huge pile. He is a Beatles lover, thanks to his Dad, and we are delighted to encourage this obsession with him. I decided to make him a one of a kind Beatles t shirt, made from op shopped material and a Beatles patch I've had in my collection for about 10 years. We threw in a much loved Beatles album, Help, and I did some paper craft too.

tshirt material was from the opshop, I used a tshirt of my sons to get the size/shape.

I attached a tag, which I made by typing on fabric with my typewriter!

I've had this patch for so long. Am really happy with how I've ended up using it. Its an iron on, but I stitched it.

I also wanted to make a bunting for his room. I had a very old Norwegian children's story book with the best illustrations, so cut that up. My friends helped me with it all on Saturday night (while cupcakes were being consumed) so that was great fun! 

Mind the kitchen, but this is the finished product.

I wanted to try use all of the book so none would go to waste, so the left over pages still attached to the spine were turned into this tree shaped decoration, 

and circles of scrap paper were turned into this garland!

Have you been crafty at all lately? Anything you've made where nothing has gone to waste? It's always such a good feeling!

I've been baking this week, so I have a chocolaty recipe to share with you soon!

Taz xx 

P.S My vintage recipe swap is all happening now with partners chatting and maybe even making/thrifting and choosing favourite recipes already, so will keep you posted as we go along! If your joining and have not heard from your partner please let me know!


  1. Oh Taz, it's all so beautiful. I love all the little details like the typewritten tag (genius) and the hand sown (I think) stitching on the bunting. I have been such a diy dolt recently where everything I've made has been a bit of a disaster - groan....xx

  2. HI Taz, I love story-book bunting! I think that's something i can make and send you actually... because it's something i really enjoy! What's with Norwegian kid's books though? All the animals look so peeved at eachother... hilarious!
    Everything you've made is really lovely and you're kitchen is cute! X X X

  3. Beatlestshirt The Beatles shirts are thus celebrated that they're being factory-made in massive quantities even these here

  4. Hey Taz. Do you have a tutorial on books into bunting? Would love to try to make bunting of of Christmas cards but not sure of the best way to do it?