Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our weekend in Ballarat

Wow..two blog posts in a row! Our computer is being silly. Past couple of days it didn't want to turn on and now its working fine. So may as well churn these posts out while I can!

On the weekend, the 3 of us packed our suitcases and drove to Ballarat for 3 nights. We stayed in the same very cute cottage as last time, Lalor Cottage Ballarat. I went with a good list of things I wanted to do, see and eat. I follow quite a few online people from their blogs to instagram and facebook, and had found some cute looking places that I knew I wanted to visit. The weekend did not disappoint. Cafes were delicious, opshops amazing, and the creative side of things...had no idea how many cute craft and handmade shops were about, so it left me feeling very motivated and inspired! Here are pics from our weekend.

Flowers and vintage teapot perfection at The Retro Church Cafe

Inside this building was an opshop!!!

Inside the retro church cafe. Met some delightful locals.

Cake from Cake Bake Shop

Homemade soup and irish soda bread still warm from the oven

Cute paper flowers I found at The Crafty Squirrel

Opshopped. Brand new. I am still in shock.

Bought some bits and pieces for a garland

Opshopped 20c teacups

I plan to make the middle dress in this opshopped fabric

Some lovely finds in Dayelsford

50c clothes

A bib I plan to attach as a pocket onto an item of clothes

Loved this the floral skirt. 

Have you been to Ballarat?

Hope you enjoyed the photos. See you soon.
Taz xx


  1. What a lot of good things. The shoes are fab and so is the dress pattern but my most favourite thing had to be A fly went by because I had that one as a wee one. Ballarat certainly looks like the place to be!

  2. Dear God, those shoes...*picks self up off floor*

    I used to go to Ballarat all the time, but I haven't been for ages. Obviously I'm missing some op shop gems!

  3. I HAVE been to Ballarat!! In 1992 to be exact. Friends of the family used to live there. Hasn't it got a gold mining museum??? Godammit, I wish I'd gone op shopping instead. xx

  4. I have never been to Ballarat, or anywhere outside of Melbourne really. I would love to go one day. Amazing finds. Looks like the perfect way to spend a few days. Xx

  5. Such a beautiful pretty post full to the brim with loveliness. I have been to Ballarat, but yonks ago - and certainly not with the op-shopping success you've shown us. Those Hasbeens!!! (particularly envious because I am in the market for some new clogs and golly those things are pricey!) x

  6. Oh my gosh the clogs, they're amazing and to find them at an oppie and unworn...WOW. You struck op-shop gold with them.
    The dress pattern is a lovely one. I've been lucky lately finding a lot of vintage patterns in styles I like.