Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Swapping handmade kids clothes!


Hope you are all well. We all are. I totally forgot to do this blog about the clothes swap I took part in a month or so ago. It was Jenny from Make and Mend New that organised the sweet swap, and I was teamed with Alyna from Thrifty Gifty. Percy recieved such delightful clothes and I was excited to make something for both her son and daughter. Here's some pics..

I made this woolen blanket vest for Alynas son..

And this dress for her daughter!

Wrapped it up in colourful paper and added a paper garland for the kids room.

Percy's package came wrapped in cute tshirt material that I will turn into one for him..

cute shorts..

and cute pants..love the pocket fabric!

Percy also got this wonderful paper and pencil carry bag..he loves it!

It was such a fun swap, and so cute knowing little Percy would be wearing something made just for him!

Thankyou Alyna and Jenny..I look forward to the next one! 

Do you know of any interesting swaps happening? Or joined any fun ones yourself?

Taz x

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  1. Lovely items you got there. Lucky you! Love the vest, looks so cosy. And the dress you made!! So dreamy and cute! I´m all up for a swap with you if you like, just letting you know! ;-) I would love to make childrens toys/ games, clothes and just ordinary handmade neet things for a swapping experience! Xx