Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lately...cakes, green hills and lots and lots of ducks.

Hello again,

I thought id come say hi, and share some of what has been keeping me busy lately and making life fun!

Celebrating Hundreds and Thousands 1st birthday! These cakes were from two delightful ladies, Jemima and Bhavani

Watching the ducks at our favourite spot, Warrandyte

I am seriously in love with the banana/peanut butter combo. 

Finding new beautiful spots to escape to, like here at Birdsland Reserve


Breakfasts with friends

Mezz and I making the Christmas issue of our magazine

Running the cake stall at our local church fete. Had some of my handmade bits and bobs too.

My friend who bought one of my dresses then wore it for the rest of the day! Such a lovely feeling!

Morning teas

Picnics and grass at Lillydale Lake

more ducks!

Another lovely spot to be outdoors and see some ducks, McAlpin Reserve

Hope you've been having a lovely week so far! Would love to hear about it. xx


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