Friday, June 8, 2012

Pincushion swap part 1!

Pincushion swap part 1!

Sooo exciting, my pincushion for my pincushion buddy arrived safely at her house! I always get a bit nervous sending bulky things in the mail, that it will get lost or stolen or something, so to be told it arrived was a huge sigh or relief! So because she has it, I can now show you what I made for her! I was happy with the end result, and recieved a lovely email from my buddy telling me how perfect it is for her! 

Liz, from, was the blogger I was paired with to make a pincushion or needlecase as part of a global pin cushion swap! She wrote a little intro on herself, saying how much she loved polka dots,40's and 50's fashion, and vintage, and that her sewing room colours were in red and pale blue. I wanted to make something I knew I would enjoy making and would make for myself, but try and include all these different things she likes into this one project. And this is what I made. A needlecase!

I went through my sewing room, finding all the bits and pieces I thought would look cute and match the vintage/polkadot/bluey red theme!

First thing I had to do, was shoose how many pages I wanted the needlecase to have and cut the felt pages, with zig zag scissors, giving it a nice edge!

I then decorated each page. Once I was finished with all the pages, I closed the needlecase and sewed along the spine to create the book look and hold all the pages together! This is what all the pages looked like once finished!

I made the whole book felt, so that Liz, could use any page to stick needles/pins etc in even though I had put them in the middle. There are buttons on the cherry she can unpick and use and the cat bow is a brooch she can wear if she wishes! I then found some cute polka dot wrapping paper in my stash from Japan and wrapped it up with a card and sent it!

I cannot wait to recieve mine. I know its been posted already, so i basically live next to the letter box as my excitment is huge! I will show you all as soon as it arrives so keep your eyes on my blog! I loved being part of this pin cushion swap with someone, somewere in the world and look forward to the next one!



  1. very cute! love the booklet idea xx

  2. You are sooooo clever. What a creative idea, I love it. practical and beautiful. Where in the world did you send it to? xo
    P.S. Love the new look of your blog. Although i liked the original one, this is easier for me to read (must be getting old!!)