Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pincushion swap part 2!

Pincushion swap part 2!

My pincushion arrived, my pincushion arrived! It feels like Christmas!! I got home and saw a bulky parcel sitting on my doormat and squeeled! And let me say, I did not know what to expect, and am so pleasantly suprised with utter cuteness of my pincushions! Yes, pincushions, Liz made me two!!!!! Just have a look at these!

I absolutely love the floral fabric and polka dots together on the cushion and the little mouse is too cute to stick needles in, I think I would feel bad!

If your feeling a little lost about what/how/where I got these from, I took part in a global pincushion swap and was paired with a lovely blogger called Liz, from http://busylizzieinbrizzy.blogspot.com.au/. This is what she made for me. I have sent her mine which she loves, which is exciting! Have a look at her blog and keep your eyes posted here because in a couple of weeks all the bloggers who took part will be doing a pincushion parade!!

Thankyou again Liz,



  1. I am so glad they arrived! I was getting a bit worried that they were lost in the mail.
    I can see you felt the same as me - I couldn't put pins into the mouse either!!

  2. both pincushions are stunning... great job girls.