Monday, June 4, 2012

Trying new things..scary!

Trying new things...scary!

So ive recently been taking part and trying new things in the world of craft! One being knitting. This is something i have never tried before, and to be honest, not sure if how i'm 'knitting' can be called knitting but a lovely friend of mine bought me some needles and wool and sat very patiently with me as she taught me how to knit. I do struggle, I get impatient, my fingers hurt and when Im tired and not concentrating, I apparently grow stitches, which i'm going to praise myself for even though I know its a boo boo! The worst mistake, being when I pulled the needles out of the wool accidently and just jabbed them anywhere and continued like nothing happened, or when I make it so tight, I have to use the floor or a hard book to push the needle through!Or when I was accidently using the left over thread to knit rather than the thread attatched to the ball! Oh my goodness! But I love practicing, and who knows, one day I may make something that can be used! You will see in this pic below, my good days and bad days!

The other new craft adventure I took myself on, was taking part in a global pin cushion swap. The idea was to make a pin cushion, or needle case with bits and pieces from your stash and create something to send to someone somehwere in the world! I signed up as I loved the idea but was quite nervous about my quality of sewing compared to some of the people I know taking part. The pincushion swap was organised by and They joined me up with a lovely blogger named Liz,at and today was the day we had to send our pin cushion, with a big reveal planned for later this month.

In the meantime, we have had pin cushion and needle case tutorials we could get ideas off as well give aways and competitions to keep us excited! Ive loved being part of it and look forward to the next one!

I will update you and show pictures of what I created and recieved when I am allowed to so keep your eye on my blog!

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  1. I am extremely impressed with your knitting! I see great knitting achievements ahead for you based on the huge leaps forward you have made in the last week :) Thank you for making me laugh with the image of you spearing the floor with your needles. No pain, no gain!
    Anyway, it must have been a big moment putting the pin cushion in the mail. Love that moment of releasing something into the world and knowing it's going to someone else.
    Keep up the great work my friend!