Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Baking: Picnic Fare.

Last weekend, my friends, Percy, husband and myself had our annual picnic at the local carols. It was a fun night with lots of entertaining entertainment, loud singing and the best bit, food! The day before we all shopped for ingredients to bake up a feast. Here is what we made. I can very easily get you the recipes from my friends if you would like them, so just leave me a comment below!

The cutest shortbread reindeer

Delicious peanut brittle
Very cute father christmas cupcakes
The easiest egg and bacon pies
We also had homemade sausage rolls, fancy sandwiches, mini picklets with samlon and cream cheese and some with raspberrys and white chocolate and my friend made the best cheesy herby pull apart bread! Let me know if any of these foods tempt you for christmas or new year celebrations.
Im going to make more fruit mince pies today for another carols picnic and going to attempt real egg nog.
Also dont forget its friday, so a pretty plate will be up on the blog later too!
Oh and before I forget...little percy was the camera mans best friend at the carols and featured on the big screen 4 times!!
Happy Friday!



  1. I bet the crowd went "awwww!' in unison whenever little Percy popped up on the screen. What a feast you guys took with you, it all looks delicious - if I had more time on my hands I would definitely be asking for a couple of those recipes. Lots of baking last year, not so much this. I am meant to be making (or trying to!) a Modernist gingerbread house today. Hmmmm...
    I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas Taz. Looking forward to reading more of your blog next year.

    p.s. sorry I didn't end up showing-off your decs on my blog. I ran out of time. Next year?

  2. Ooh and gingerbread house sounds fun! Last time i made one was in year 7! No worries about sharing my decs, thankyou just for looking! Hope you have a lovely christmas too and little pup feels better! x