Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Decorating!

I put our christmas tree up. And all the cute decorations. And the lights. And the buntings. And the other lights. And the wreath. And I'm loving the warm, christmassy feeling our house has right now. A bit of Sarah McLachlan singing christmas carols, or Mariah belting out Oh Holy Night! Sitting with a cup of tea and homemade shortbread with my lovely hubby! I'm so terribly excited about the lunches and dinners we will be running in our local community, as well as the meals with family and friends. Im enjoying the sewing and wrapping of christmas presents and the traditions we are making for future christmas's when Percy is a bit older and knows whats going on! I kinda don't want this season to ever end! Here are some photos of the decorations that are making me so happy!

I made our wreath and buntings with vintage christmas paper.
Some of my favourite christmas tree decorations..
Round christmas lights in our kitchen
I plan to make some more decorations between making presents so will keep you posted.
Thanks for reading..


  1. Hi Taz, love your bunting and your gorgeous wreath. What a brilliant idea...would you mind if I shared it (and linked back to you of course!) on my blog?
    All your vintage decs are lovely too.

    1. Oh of course Kylie! Hope to see more people handmaking their decorations! Thanks!