Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Sammie!

My little sister, who writes the lovely blog Madness and I, turned 18 last week. She no longer feels like a little sister, which makes life alot more fun as we can spend more time together doing the things we both love, which seems to be opshopping, cafe hopping and other lovely things. I love buying her pressies for birthdays and christmas, as we both have very similar interests. This is no longer annoying...but as a teenager, this and anything else that got in my way was(but lets be honest, teenagers who find EVERYTHING annoying are the annoying ones!)! But now I have someone to share my girly life with! We went out for pizza and pasta(yes we had both), I made cakes and this is what I gave her for her pressies..

Made her this case out of an old apron for her new ipad.
Cute shoes
Banana and berry cupcakes with homemade cream cheese icing. Get the recipe here.
Bought her the Gathered App for her new ipad which I gave instructions for in this note.
 Got her the Hello Sandwich craft book

And wrote in a pretty card!

I know she had a happy birthday but I will say it again,

Happy Birthday Sammie! Love you lots!



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