Sunday, March 3, 2013

A picture of my weekend...

I had a lovely weekend, did you? It was spent crafting and baking. I saw friends and ate good food. I recently borrowed a craft book from the local library, and inside amongst some seriously good/pretty/cute ideas, was a fabric picture. I loved the idea and wanted to make one for myself. Here is what I made. It was so much fun. I used some of my most favourite fabrics and just enjoyed the colourfullness of it all.

The picture in 'Sew Darn Cute'.
Found one way to display my crochet flowers
Used some of my favourite fabrics
An embroided doily sun
I'm not exactly sure how to display it yet. Im either thinking framing like this..
Or making two more the same but not the same with the blue and pink matching fabric. Then hanging all 3 up together.
What do you think???
Here are also my what I got up to on the weekend instagram photos..
Making homemade pasta
Writing letters
Making more reusable sandwich bags
Loving creamy porridge in the mornings
Finding funny records..this is titled 'Touch me in the morning' :/
I also made a Rhubarb, coconut and almond loaf which is so yummy. I will share the recipe with you soon.
Hope you all had a great weekend. Tonight, hubby myself and friends are off to start our weekly badminton games. I bought a ancient wooden racket today for $1. I'm excited!
Thanks for reading,


  1. Love the picture taz. the fete on sat was great,will let u know about others xx

  2. I really like the idea of making pictures from fabric. And I hope you had fun playing badminton! xo

  3. This is so gorgeous, I'm in love! The bright colours, the mix of fabrics, the crochet flower - it's all totally my cup of tea!

    I love it framed but I do hope you'll make some more too - can't wait to see them!

    How do you manage evening badminton games with your hubby? I'm sensing your little one is a good sleeper, unlike my boy at his age!

    1. Thanks! I love how you love it. Im going to make more and I cant wait to show you. We only play once a week for an hour and Percy gets babysat. It's usually early evening so he just plays with his uncle and aunty. But he is a good sleeper which is nice! xx Oh and hes 6 months. forgot to reply to that a while ago! xx

  4. Thanks lovelies for your comments. Im going to make more and hang them up together!

  5. love the fabric picture! i have been trying to think of more ways to use my fave fabric scraps, this would be a perfect way to use them up and still have them on display to enjoy. would they need to be in a fame with glass or would a embroidery hoop hold it ok? erin :)