Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thankyou husband for giving me a happy birthday!

It's my 26th birthday today. I have a horrible cold so I am celebrating in bed with my 10th million cup of lemon, ginger and honey, and Percy by my side. I just wanted to share with you the lovely gifts my hubby gave me this morning. Although I know he is cute and lovely and all things wonderful, he some how melted my heart again today. He went to one of my favourite little shops, Number 10 Wood Street, that sell all handmade things. This shop is 2 minute walk from our home, how I have not spent all my pennies there I do not know!

First, is this oh so pretty handmade card. He said the girl reminded him of me. He was going to colour her hair in red, but didn't incase he stuffed up the card.

He got me this very pretty necklace. The leaves are paper thin and love how it looks against the light.

He knows my favourite jam is strawberry. On toast with butter and with some tea, is one of my favourite meals.

He also bought me these felt handmade, fair trade, shoes. Ive been wanting some for a while. These were from another shop, also lovely and handmade, called The Friendship Tree.

I love the feeling when you know someone knows you well. My lovely family all gave me pressies too that were exactly the sorts of things Id buy myself!

Wishing my twin a happy birthday too!

I hope to be up and running a bit more healthier soon. Have a Button swap to organise and need to share my latest fete finds...bags of vintage material for $2!!
So glad ive had crochet, pretty hankies and pretty flowers to keep things lovely over the past few bed days.

Thanks for reading,



  1. What a wonderful husband you have. Lovely gifts. A happy Birthday to you and i hope you're feeling better.

  2. Aw, what a guy to get you all those lovely things! Hope you have a speedy recovery!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Happy happy birthday! What a lovely hubby :) hope you recover soon xx

  4. Happy birthday. Hope you feel better very soon. Your hubby did you proud and I love the pic of you and your twin - sooooo sweet. Take care. xx

  5. Happy birthday sweet Taz. I'm sorry you're not feeling well and I hope you get better soon. The frock the girl's wearing on your birthday card is exactly the kind of pretty dress I imagine you wearing. Lovely pressies from the hubster - a man of good taste eh? (he married you after all! Ha!) x

  6. happy birthday lovely.cant wait to catch up wen ur better.petes got great taste-you've taught him well.enjoy ut steak tomorrow


  7. Happy birthday ... hope you are all better soon and what a lovely man you have ... picking such wonderful pressies ... Bee xx

  8. Hope you are feeling much better and can enjoy celebrations with your family. Even when you feel lousy, knowing how much one is loved sure helps! Love the gifts Pete chose...take care. And I hope you still don't celebrate with your twin over fluffy toilet seats!!! (greta pic). Bless you xo

  9. Thankyou everyone for my birthday wishes. My day was good and Im feeling much much much better. Wearing my new shoes keeping my toes warm!

  10. Aw so romantic - perfect gifts!

    My new baby was born on your birthday! It is also one of my best friend'sbirthdays - we had lunch together before I went into labour later on that day :)