Thursday, March 21, 2013

Feeling Simple

Lately, Ive been tired. I am well but am tired. I think motherhood is catching up with me. Ive been on a high and as things become easier and a bit more predictable, it's almost like things become a bit blurry and hard. I'm not writing this to make you feel sorry for me, or to feel sorry for myself or to worry anyone, but Im writing this cos thats what happening at the moment for me. My blog won't turn into a 'my deepest thoughts' blog, but at the moment, simple is the only word I can think of to describe life. Its not a bad thing, but its different, as usually for me there is alot more colour, but at the moment, its a nice grey. I don't know if I am the only one, but do other people blog because thats all there is to do? I know thats not all there is to do,and I definatly blog because I like to and want to, but at the moment, it's my way of staying connected, whereas usually it's not my only way of being social, keeping busy and communicating with people. Uh oh, I hope that made sense. Please dont think I blog only "cos it gives me something to do", it's just how it is now, otherwise i'd sit and watch dr oz all day and hes annoying. Do people opshop, because it gets them out the house? Thats whats been getting me out lately. Its like we may be feeling and doing the same things, but seperatly, in our own homes, and I guess, sharing this is my way of perhaps realising and finding out, that my feelings at the moment are normal. I probably need a bowl of chilli soup, or an ice cold shower to wake me up..but thats not going to happen!!

Anyway, so simple has also been my craft lately. I have soooo many ideas for things I want to make, but due to current greyness, they wont get done. I have however, done some seriously simple, infact its probably called cheating craft, with some purses. One I bought for a $1 from an opshop. I loved the green and simple design and inside its hot pink. I added some cute Cath Kidston badges (thanks to my lovely sister) to give it some life. The other, I found at an opshop. It's a plastic placemat perhaps, I'm not sure, and I made it into a purse by simply glueing the sides (with liquid nails) and parts together. Have a look....dont tell me I didnt warn you about the simpleness!!

Coin Side
Note Side
Loved this vintage button..matched so well
Blued a press stud to close it
Glued the sides together, leaving a flap for the opening
Even though they are seriously simple and were quick to make, I wanted to share cos I like easy craft and thought you might too!
Anyway, thanks everyone who reads my blog. Will be back soon, hopefully with more details on my Vintage Button Swap I am planning!
Taz xx


  1. I love simple creativity: it makes all the difference to daily life! You have a great eye and sometimes the little transformations and alterations are the best. I'm in awe as I didn't manage much at all in the way of creativity when I was on maternity leave last time. I'm hoping that now it's a more regular part of my life I can do more this time, even with two little boys to look after! Blogging definitely helps so I'm aiming to keep that up too. Enjoy the nice grey: it can be a lovely colour ;)

  2. Being a Mum to a little one can be quite isolating and even a bit lonely at times Taz and I think writing a blog is a great way for stay at home Mum's to stay connected (and to keep that grey matter ticking over!)
    I'm not sure if blogging was even 'invented' when my girls were born, I definitely would've done it for similar reasons to you if it was...
    There's nothing wrong with simple, simple is good. I love your little blog, keep writing it x

  3. a lovely little transformation.
    great choice of buttons too.

  4. love it! yes, i often find that motherhood seems to exists in either bright technocolour or dull greys....i have just come out of a grey month or two recently...its not technically a bad thing, or depressing...but its just a little uninspiring,tiring...and, like u said, now feeling much more creative and motivated,but who knows how long that will last!? cant wait to see u tomorrow for ur birthday, you precious birthday lady!mezz x

  5. Thankyou all you lovely ladies for your words of encouragement! Good to know others can find motherhood a litte hard, but Im feeling positive so thankyou! xoxoxoxoox