Saturday, August 10, 2013

A change is as good as a holiday

I know this saying is not original at all, but it really is so true! I've not been desperate to go on holiday or anything, but I've made a few needed changes around our home, that now, make me feel happy, relaxed and I enjoy being in this space. So really, it's refreshed me, like a holiday would! These are all just simple changes. No building or renovating. All cheap and crafty. First, was our kitchen. I love my kitchen, which you can see here and here but we had a big round table sitting in the corner, which wasted lots of space, was never used for its real purpose(to sit and eat meals as family, and be the home for a pretty vase of flowers) and our kitchen chairs got trapped in the corners, so could never be pulled out and used. Silly me, did not take a before photo of any of these changes, but I'm sure you all have fabulous imaginations and can picture everything I am saying.

Anyway, the changes....we got rid of the big round table, and replaced it with a second hand, 1960's rectangle table. It means, no wasted corners, all chairs are used now, and a vase of flowers(fake), sit looking very happy in the middle. So far, its kept clean and tidy, with only family meals and a bit of writing, done on it. I also hung up a vintage blind, as I can't have too many bare walls in my home.

Im sure you can see how a round table would have wasted our space.

The next simple change was my sewing table and sewing machine. I promised myself, that my new sewing space would stay neat, tidy and organised. This is not as easy as I thought. If my sewing table has anything more than a sewing machine and pin cushion, I will not go near it! A couple of days before tackling the sewing table, I decided to buy myself a new sewing machine. I love my old one, but it was getting harder to use and my stress while sewing was getting higher. This has been a great, great change! I had also thrifted rolls and rolls of Ezi Stick vintage paper, ready to cover anything! I decided to cover my table, giving my new modern sewing machine a bit of charm, as well as clearing the table in the process! Win! It meant I could then get sewing, and I made myself this dress.

I didn't realise how tricky this paper was..ignore the bubbles!

I also made some simple changes that I LOVE in our bedroom. I covered a wardrobe with the ezi stick, and it lifts my mood everytime I look at it!

I also took down our white curtains, and hung up some much nicer ones. The room is very pink, so Im trying to add as much other colour to help!

I also made a pompom garland to hang above our window, just to make this room even more lovely. Its one room that was left bare for a while, but now am slowly changing it, as I love the sunshine through the window and can see me sitting on the bed with a cup of tea and some craft on sunny afternoons now.

Do you like the changes? Has it given you any ideas for simple ways to change a room?

What are some things you've changed around your home that's made a big difference?

Thanks again for reading, and a BIG BIG BIG thankyou to the 51 followers I have on this blog, never expected that many people to want to sit down and read about what I have to say!

Love Taz



  2. I think your changes are great. Particularly liking the flower paper on your cupboards and sewing table. Lovely photos.x

  3. It looks good. I really like your heart pillow cases. I also have some vintage ezi-stick paper, but mine doesn't stick anymore :D I also want to cover with sewing table with something.

  4. Love the pretty contact on your table and cupboard, that would make me happy too! I agree, small changes work wonders.