Friday, August 30, 2013

Wearing granny on my sleeve.

I have this cardigan that I opshopped a while ago, and its lovely. Its a nice pink, the right thickness to wear in winter and spring, and was handmade by someone, somewhere. I wore it alot, but every time I wore it, more holes would appear and stretch bigger and bigger. I'm part of a craft group with some brilliant ladies on a wednesday morning, so I took it there, with balls of yarn, a needle and crochet hook, and made it a group activity. We fixed it up, stopped the holes in their tracks, I crochet some granny squares and patched her, so that she can be worn again, and again. Sandy was my lovely hole stopper, while Rada, helped sew the patches on. Here it is, all bright and colourful..

Speaking of all things bright and colourful, my doily garland that I won from Scrumdillydilly arrived in the mail. It was wrapped so pretty. It's lovely and hangs in my kitchen window.

Hope you have all had a great week. See you soon.
Taz xx


  1. Loving the granny on your sleeve, looks fab. Sweet doily garland xo

  2. What a cute wee cardi it is now!

  3. All that lovely bunting.. lovely.
    Great job with the patches. x

  4. Such a cute idea with the cardy....great to have friends to help solve crafty problems. xxx

  5. What a lovely cardi and a lovely group of friends!