Monday, August 26, 2013

Spring Yellow Dress.

I made another dress, and this time, bravely gave it away. August for me is the month of birthdays. In 2 weeks I have celebrated 4 birthdays. Percy's 1st birthday, my mums birthday, my sis in law Mezz's birthday and my mum in laws birthday. I love birthdays so did not mind at all, another occasion to eat food, cake and spend time with family. I thought I would show you what I made Mezz for her birthday as well as show you how we celebrated.

I decided a while ago to try make a dress for Mezz as I have been making dresses a bit more and am often quite proud of how they turn out. Mezz really loves and appreciates anything handmade, so I knew, even if this dress was slightly not quite right, she wouldn't mind. I'm really happy with how this one turned out. Basic elasticated waste, upcycled vintage tablecloth straps and pretty yellow fabric, perfect to me. Here it is, as well as photos of her oh so cute Pompom Party.

Balls of yarn waiting to be turned into pompoms..

Everything you need at a party..cake plate, tea, pompoms!
Do you like the dress? And are you going to host a pompom party for your next event???!!!
I'm looking forward to sharing photos from Percy's first birthday, just trying to round them all up as I did not take all that many. See you soon, and happy last week of winter..yayyyyyyyyyy!
Taz xx


  1. Such a pretty dress. Love the lace and yellow floral combination. x

  2. i love the dress,ive worn it heaps already!the checkout chick told me i looked colourful and cheerful when i wore it at the shops the other day! and i love seeing more pics frm my pompom party.such fun!


  3. What a truly delightful dress! So spirit-lifting. I bet Mezz looks gorgeous in it. Perfect gift.

  4. Such a cute wee dress! Love birthdays!

  5. Very cute I am sure Mezz would have loved it. xxx

  6. Such a gorgeous dress. I especially love the straps, they make it. Yellow is definitely been my summer colour this year, so I love it! You clever gal, well done, Mezz is lucky to have a sis in law like you! xoxo