Thursday, September 5, 2013

Handmade Card Swap.. What I sent

I recently took part in Mezz's Handmade Card Swap, which was great fun. I don't usually make cards, I love finding interesting ones at opshops, but loved this challenge so joined in. My swap partner was Shella who writes the blog BellaRae. We exchanged a couple of emails and got making. Here is what I made for her. I got hit with the creative stick and made envelopes as well. Oh and threw in a box of her favourite tea.

My handmade envelopes with a piece of my handmade fabric tape inside to seal them..
I wrote in a thrifted card and bought some tea,
I wrapped them all up in vintage fabric and wallpaper and sent them off.
With some left over paper scraps, I made a quick bunting for the kitchen. You can never have too many bunting!!!
Do you make your own cards? Maybe Ive given you some ideas for handmade cards and envelopes. I would love to know if I have inspired you. But a big thanks goes to Mezz for hosting this card swap!
I recieved my parcel from Shella, and am very excited to share what she sent me with you, so keep your eyes on here!!


  1. Wow super sweet cards, I love them! What fun! I can't wait to share what I sent and received too...

  2. Oh they all look so good.
    Plenty of washi tape on the ones i'm making too. x

  3. They look great! I make all my cards - alot nicer not to mention heaps cheaper!

  4. hello there! just letting you know that I nominated your blog for a Liebster award because I think your great! its just a bit of fun.if you feel like joining in, head to my blog for more info... mezz xoxo

  5. Really lovely cards, I had such a great time making some for this swap! I love how you wrapped them all in vintage fabric.