Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Handmade Card Swap..what I recieved and needing your help with a project of mine!

As you would know, I recently took part in Mezz's Handmade Card Swap. I was paired with Shella who writes the blog BellaRae. We got chatting, and made 8 handmade cards to send to each other. I loved my pretty parcel and want to share it with you. I got some lovely cards and a few other handmade goodies too...thanks so much Shella! If you would like to see what I made and sent her, have a read here.

Talking about all things handmade and lovely, if you've not heard that I am making a magazine with Mezz, then you must check out our blog page, Hundreds and Thousands. From there, you can also like us on facebook, where we will update you as we go along with the making of our very first start up issue.
At the moment, we are looking for your help with a logo, so if you like anything to do with handmade, then please have a look on the blog for more details!
Hope your having a great week so far. Today I ate homemade doughnuts at craft group, they were AMAZING!
Bye for now,


  1. These card creations are amazing. x

  2. Oh what a lovely parcel of goodies - they are all gorgeous! wish I could help but... will wish you luck! :)

  3. These are adorable. What an exciting package to get in the mail. I love swaps.. When is the next one? :)

  4. They are pretty spesh. Very sweet creations. Xo

  5. They are all so beautiful! I'm really looking forward to hearing more about your magazine =)


  6. Very pretty cards infact lovely cards i want to ask about Ink and Cartridge for Lexmark PLATINUM PRO905 compatible not company manufacture machine, is it able to print these sort of printings?