Monday, September 16, 2013

Homemade High Tea

I LOVE high tea. I will be honest, I have only ever been to one high tea, and that was for my hen's day. It was fabulous. You can eat pretty much as much as you want and all the things you want, no menu to choose from, and its all so petite and pretty. I plan to go have High Tea at Jam and Cream sometime as it looks and sounds amazing, but other than that, high tea for me is usually a pricey thing, so I avoid going. Some friends and I recently decided to have our own high tea. Perfect! Cheap, as pretty, as petite and as delicious as anywhere else! We all wore dresses and sat around chatting, with pots of tea and plates of yuminess. This isn't exactly a DIY post, but have a look at these pics to definatly get ideas and do one yourself!!

We enjoyed scones with jam and cream, zucchini slice, cinnamon biscuits, white choc mudcakes, crustless sandwiches and endless cups of tea. Flowers were from the garden.
It's easy to organise and do. Gather your friends, organise what your baking, pick a house, set the table with pretty servingware and fresh picked flowers, wear a dress and there you have a lovely homemade high tea! We are already talking about our next.
Hope your all having a lovely start to the week.
Taz xx


  1. We MUST do this again soon before I start working again! Or on a weekend... xx

  2. Looks heavenly!! Great idea. x

  3. High tea sounds lovely.
    it all looks amazing set out on the table. x

  4. oh how lovely!! im feeling inspired xx