Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Oh sugar!

Sorry for the non chrismassy post...
I've just returned from my 4th dentist appointment in a month. Im feeling exchausted after this last one. My body was so damn tense, and as usual, I did not numb up as they expected so I felt more than I would have liked. I'm feeling mentally drained too. I put so much thought into whats best for my body. I chose a holistic dentist, I chose to get a root canal removed and I thought getting these extra fillings they found was a good idea, getting my teeth back on track and finally move on from the dentist. But, today, he showed me my xrays and explained that some of the holes I have, are less than a year old. I wanted to cry. I'd totally understand if it was from my childhood or bad teenage years, but Ive made such an effort in the way I care for my health and my oral health over the past couple of years. Im blogging this, as the internet does not help when it comes to what I should do, but instead, your opinions, experience and perhaps, things you've been taught might help me. My dentist said there is one solution, NO MORE SUGAR. I felt like screaming, as Ive cut out sugar so much. We dont even have it in the house. No juice, no dried fruit, I dont drink soft drinks. We dont have sauces or jams and sweet foods I make completely from scratch with rice malt syrup, which I thought was safe for teeth. I do have fresh fruit, but I have one or maybe sometimes two pieces a day.

Ok, so some truth, I do eat sugar sometimes. Often when we meet with friends for dinner I will have some dessert, or with family, or the odd tea and cake date out, but I dont think I eat more than anyone else. I know I eat far less. The way my teeth are NOT coping with the little sugar I have is concerning me. Im also confused about the fact that the dentist suggested buying a slurpie (icy sweet drink) to help with the inflammed gums....hold on, I thought I can't have sugar!!!???

More truth, we dont use flouride toothpaste and we drink filtered water. Our choice for our famiy. But I am aware, that flouride is fantastic for teeth, and this is where I am torn. Eat sugar, flouride will combat it. Dont use flouride, then ditch sugar. Both options are hard and Im needing help.
I take full responsibility for this, but surley Im not alone. Am I the only one with so many teeth issues?? What do you do? Do you eat sugar? Have you cut down on sugar? Why? What advice does your dentist give you. Do you go to the dentist?

I don't really know the point in this post other than I'd love a bit of a discussion. Are dentists just there to take my money filling every cavity even if its not a concern (probably not, as him telling me to ditch sugar is a big deal for all the companies out there serving me sugar)? Is sugar terrible for teeth? How does flouride make all the difference and what did people do before flouride was put in water and toothpaste? Gah, I feel like the teeth I have at the moment deserve to be with a 70 old sugarholic, not a 26 year old woman who thought she was doing ok and is tired from researching only to find Ive got to return to the dentist 2 two more times and stop consuming the one thing I hardly consume anyway. Does this mean everyone around me who eats as much or more sugar than me is a ticking time bomb for teeth misery, or is the flouride giving you permission to eat it and for it to not do any harm? Or do my teeth deal with food differently to yours? I feel this is going to be a never ending battle.

If you have nothing to say, and are as confused as me...I understand!!!

The images above are of a display at Federation Square. Everything is piped with buttercream icing. The carpets, food, cushions, blankets, pictures, flowers. All but the furniture. It smelt incredibly sweet and delicious..of course!!



  1. What a predicament to be in. Our teeth are so important, but I tend to take them for granted until they hurt! I have a few fillings and some acid wear, and I eat a lot of sugar. Sugary things are my weakness, and I've never really thought of cutting down for my teeths sake! I do use fluoride toothpaste. I have no idea why some are more prone to holes then others. I hope you find the answers you're looking for, & you can get your teeth issues sorted ASAP. If only it didn't come at such a great financial cost too. Leisa. Xx

  2. heya taz..i feel for u.i wonder if the fluride in water does help?we have non fluride toothpaste but wld still be getting it in our tap water.i sumtimes wonder how much is luck.i have never had a filling or probs eith my teeth, yet im also pretty lazy and dont look after them the best i could.my hubby on the other hand takes great care of his teeth (its like a religion for him) and has had all sorts of probs with his teeth this year, poor guy.the fluride thing is interesting...i wonder too if even though u take great care of ur teeth maybe growing up in Africa perhaps the water wasnt quite as good?or had no fluride?so maybe ur teeth arent as strong becoz of ur childhood experiences, not becasue of anything u have or havnt done in the last year or so.and the sugar thing, i really dont know...i have quite a nit of sugar and no teeth probs, nut thats just me xx

  3. How very crap!! It is so hard to be without sugar and especially when you are so good already. I do hope that you find some strength to get through this. xoxo

  4. Hey Taz, we are very similar to you I think.
    We distill our water and do a whole lot of other stuff that is natural. Our belief is that flouride should not be ingested. But we have come to change our beliefs slightly and think that flouride is good for your teeth. I know that my teeth are a lot less sensitive when I use a flouriode based toothpaste.
    And my sister-in-law is similar to us and as they are on tank water, don't have fluoride. Her daughter has tons of cavities due to the lack of flouride.
    So we use flouride toothpaste BUT we always spit toothpaste out. So that means that our little boy has kids flouride toothpaste as he spits it out and our 3 year old little girl has the non-flouride toothpaste as she always swallows it.
    I recommend giving it a go. There are also some natural things you can do to strengthen your teeth. A friend healed a root canal through eating. I will FB her and ask what she did for you.
    My view on sugar is that its bad BUT you can only do your best. You still need a live a life and enjoy it.
    Love to you xxx

  5. Hi Taz, I hear you about the misery of teeth! I am very familiar with that horrid feeling of guilt with my teeth being unhealthy, but it's also the extroadinary costs involved with fixing teeth that is worse.
    I have many fillings and a few root canals. I use Fluoride toothpaste and drink normal tap water, but I have a huge sweet tooth.
    A few things I have found that made a difference in the last year are not mouth breathing anymore at night.
    I had a my sinuses fixed earlier this year so I cna now breath through my nose during the night, rather than breathing through my mouth with it open all night (attractive!!). This causes dry mouth which makes the teeth more prone to cavities as there is no saliva to continually help cleanse the teeth and mouth of bacteria.
    I have also started started Vitamin D and calcium tablets which strengthen the bones/teeth etc and that has made a huge difference not only to my teeth, but my energy levels as well (my Vit D was very low at my last medical check up).
    I'm not sure if any of that info might help, but I just wanted to drop you a line to say you are definitely not alone in how you feel and I wish you all the best of luck. xx

  6. At least you are going through those dental appointments. It's always better to go through the process of maintenance, no matter how taxing it may seem. Only make sure you get satisfactory results from the treatment, which would be worth your investment and sacrifice.

    Maxima @ Impressions Dentistry