Thursday, November 28, 2013

My recent makes: Birthday presents, dresses to sell, and a potholder mat!

I've been busy sewing and making things lately. I haven't even looked at what Im making for christmas yet, as Ive had birthdays to think about and my shop to keep well stocked. I'm pretty over the moon about the love and encouragment ive been getting about my shop, and some of my handmade wares are even sold out!!! If you didn't know I had a shop, have a browse here.

It was my sisters birthday yesterday and as usual I like to try make her something, as well as get her bits and pieces from the opshop. I found her some cuuuute vintage ribbon and gave her a set of colourful paper balls that I bought from Ballarat to string into a garland. I decided to make her a set of embroidery hoop framed fabric, as she loves colour and loves hanging things on her wall.

I used a vintage sheet for one, a plastic doily for another and a vintage napkin for the third.
I also wanted to make her a dress, as I am in a dress making frenzy, and knew she would really love and appreciate it. My sister has a very good eye for vintage and cute dresses,as you can see here in her shop Lola and Joy,  so I thought really hard about what fabric to use and how to make it extra cute..(thankyou opshopped collar).
I loved this fabric and it looked really lovely on her.
I've also been making dresses for my shop. I have two available at the moment, both made from vintage sheets. I love them both, and would happily wear them myself, but I also like the idea of someone else out there wearing it, which is why I am selling them. My dresses are $35 each except the bottom one is $25 as some of the sheet is pale in a section which I only noticed after I made it. Still lovely though, but Id wear a petticote, which is lovely anyway!
I also made this upcycled mat for Percys room this week. Its made from vintage and cute pot holders. I have been collecting them for a while now, and decided to make it, but with the plan to add onto it as I find more.
Have you been busy making things? Hows your christmas plans coming along?
See you soon, and hope you all have a relaxing weekend!
Taz xx


  1. Happy Birthday to your sister and congratulations on all your beautiful makes. I love the dress you did you for your sister and I am sure she loved it. You are so talented Taz, gorgeous makes and I am not at all surprised that things are selling out. Like you I haven't given Christmas a second thought. Love the little hoop trio too, very chic. xoxo

  2. I have no Christmas plans yet. I'm searching for ideas :D

  3. oh how i envy your dress making skills! love the mat! how many needles did you break? ;)

  4. you are so clever. The dotty dress is my favourite and I LOVE the mat. Very cool. Im so happy I found your nice blog.

  5. Your dresses look wonderful esp. as I have the floral bedsheet, ha. It's only a double so I use it as the top sheet. Gorgeous goodies in your shop btw, so well priced. Hope all goes well for you.

  6. Love your dresses and what a clever use for the pot holders you have collected. x

  7. Thank you tazzi. I loved it all so much! And I love you!