Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Simple Christmas Craft

Before I start showing you some pics of christmassy things I have been making, I want to acknowledge that my last few posts have been rather miserable. Not very me at all and not very joyful, especially at this time, one of joy, love, peace and hope. I've had everything but christmas on my mind lately, and it's not helped me to feel festive and even realise how soon christmas is. Funerals, dentist appointments, colds and just normal life has thrown me. I still have a memorial to attend, still have dentist appointments, and normal life goes on, but I had to make a decision to be positive and de-stress. With the help of wonderful people, I am making this time a more positive one for me. And it's like I never left, Ive been crafting all week, opshopping for gifts and getting rather excited. Mince pies have been baked and tonight is the start of many christmas dinner parties, and I am excited. I will also mention a huge thankyou to Percy for having early nights, and hubby for having a couple of music nights, which has left me to watch what I want and set up my craft stations with no one to bother or distract me!!! So yep!

One night this week, I decided to make some paper fairy lights. I used small doilys and used my stash of quality streets wrappers from last years christmas (a family favourite). I simply placed the wrapper on a doily, and pinched the centre and twisted, which left a pretty, colourful thing, which I am calling a fairy light.

I then just threaded some thread in a needle and went through the back twisted part so I could hang them up. These might just stay up all year, or maybe not, we will see.

Ive also been loving colouring at the moment. Maybe cos it therapeutic and relaxing. I thrifted a pack of vintage christmas cards which you then colour, so Ive been busy doing that, with Orange is the new black in the background...quite perfect!

Did I mention the fairy lights were made while watching Zoolander!

I also made this very simple garland. I cut out cardboard christmas images from an old box I found, attached thread to them and hung them above my door. I like it.

Mince Pies have been baked and all eaten..made with homemade spelt pastry and homemade filling, they were good!

We also attended the Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar on the weekend with wonderful friends. It's become an annual tradition, not only celebrating christmas in Scandinavian style, but celebrating a birthday of my Norwegian friend, so a great day all round. This is what I made her, perhaps an idea for a christmas gift you could make..

A embroidery hoop with the best hankie Ive ever seen, a felt ball necklace and rolls of handmade fabric tape

The next few pics are of my house at the moment decorated..

our wreath I made from vintage christmas paper which you can buy here

christmas lights in my kitchen

paper bunting made with the vintage christmas paper hanging in our lounge window

an assortment of handmade, opshopped or gifted decorations on our tree. it looks better at night with the lights on

cute candles all in a row, and more bunting sitting on our fireless fireplace

my favourite of all the vintage christmas paper!

Ive loved seeing what fellow bloggers have been doing around their homes to celebrate christmas. Have you been making or doing much? 

See you soon, and thanks again for reading this blog,

Taz xx


  1. ooooh! that is one awesome hankie and I love the garland with the doilies and happy wrappers!

  2. Loving your decorating, gorgeous garlands btw, hope things are not too hectic at your place, it looks like you are enjoying yourself.