Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Opshopping, making, baking and the sea..starting the new year well!

Happy new year everyone. It has been ages since i've posted something. Hope you all had a great christmas and relaxing holidays. I know alot of people are already back into the swing of things, and although I don't work work, I'm one of those people. This week for me was back to "work" week and it feels good!

I think it feels good, and I feel ready, because I started the year off doing everything I LOVE. If the first few days of the year can start so well, who says my whole year can't look the same!

We went away to Rosebud on new years day and came back on monday this week. It's a family tradition of ours to head to the sea after christmas and spend quiet, relaxing time with each other as well as take in all the goodness of the sand and water and beachy opshops! I spent the week playing boardgames with my twin brother, baking with my mum, walking the beach with my hubby, swinging on swings with my son and in between all that, finding amazing things at the opshops and being crafty as the nights got later. I don't see why my year can't look similar, perhaps in different settings, but still doing my favourite things.

Here are some of the photos of our time away, the things I found, ate and did! Enjoy.

One of my favourite things to look at..the open sea.

browsing seaside markets

made a raw cheesecake, dairy free, fructose free and gluten free so all safe for my mum!

baked sourdough bread, also made a sourdough banana loaf

some gorgeous stationary I opshopped

opshopped food cover

opshopped this delightful pot

found this tea towel someone had embroided, and more doilies for my stash

cute tea cosy

opshopped this snacks tray too,

found this happy couple to add to my salt and pepper collection, christmas figure behind was found in a 'free' basket

retro cards

oh so cute, hardly worn vintage bathers

another pair of vintage bathers, these were brand new in opshop

Was delighted to find this jacket for $3, perfect as the weather was a bit chilly. Mr fox brooch was from Mollie Makes magazine and I spent my evenings making him and another. It took me ages because all I had were nail clippers to make it with. I'm pretty impressed with myself!!!

Found these cute dresses

Found in another "free' bin at the opshop, this original phone toy, its base is wooden!

It's been wonderful being home too, finding homes for my finds, catching up with friends and family, and getting back into planning and making things for my shop and getting busy for the next issue of Hundreds and Thousands Magazine

I don't know where this year will take me, but I am feeling excited about filling it with wonderful things. Things that I love doing, eating, seeing. People I love being around. I hope to overthink less, and do more.

Hope your new year has started positively for you, and if not, its ok, there's still 356(?? my maths is shocking) days to feel positive inside!

Taz xx


  1. Looks idyllic and I love the tea cosy! Have a wonderful year!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Wow some fabulous seaside finds to start the year. X

  3. Wow, you found some amazing things. I had on of those phone toys :) The sea is wonderful, I'm so lucky to live near it.

  4. Oh wow I love all those opp shop finds Im jealous. Beach scenes are beautiful x

  5. Thanks ladies for leaving lovely comments. xoxox

  6. Those beach-side op-shops sure were generous with the vintage treasures.
    I'm on the look out for retro swimmers now after seeing your beautiful ones.