Friday, October 24, 2014

Out and About: Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens

Hello all,

back again. Today Percy and I went on our next outdoorsy explore and escape and relax outing. Ive started to write a list of places to go, and each friday we will jump in the car and go to one on the list. Todays was the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens in the dandenongs. I felt like I was back in my childhood actually. My dad used to take us to all sorts of amazing gardens and reserves, wild life parks and hiking tracks that we would explore, and I want to pass that on to Percy. It was a beautiful day and I took some photos to show you!

Had a simple picnic for lunch. Boiled eggs, fresh bread and loads of butter.

Do you know of any places I should write on my list?

Taz xx

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  1. stunning! a know a few places, ill write you a list xx