Thursday, January 30, 2014

Making for me, one for my shop!

I've been sewing again, and I've had one thing on my mind..dresses! I decided to make myself one first. I picked some vintage fabric I have been waiting to use and got sewing. I am so happy with this dress. It is my favourite out of all the dresses I have made so far. It can be worn loose, which is perfect for a hot day, and is short so looks cute (picture 60's style a-line dress), or with the belt, making it a bit more fitted and gives shape. I loved it so much, I have decided to start making more to sell, as I don't need every dress I make! I am making them my style though, meaning, cute vintage fabrics, pockets, buttons and breast feeding friendly. But they are not maternity dresses so don't worry. They are more for people like me, with a 17 month old boy who I am still breastfeeding, but wanting to wear dresses that don't always have to have buttons in the front!

The buttons on the straps undo to lower a strap each side.

I'm really happy with this style. This dress below is the first of hopefully many more available in my online shop.

Again, all vintage fabrics and buttons used.

I'm going to be listing and selling them here, in my online shop and hopefully some markets this year with my sister who runs the delightful, Lola and Joy. This dress is $35 and one of a kind!

I'm now getting excited about the next dress/pocket combo!

See you soon,

Taz xx


  1. Your creations look promising! There could be a market for dresses such as these, and you need to do know is to let people know that you're selling them. Once your audience grows, so will your profits!
    Casey Mccoy @