Sunday, October 19, 2014

Happy Days

hello again,

it's sunday night and im tired. I think it's cos ive tried to do alot more this weekend than usual. I put my attention on doing rather than sitting, and put my attention on percy, rather than me, and put my attention onto other things rather than my usual go to, my phone.

I had a moment of realising, i hate having a phone. I hate having apps that are so great, they start to take up more of my day than I'd like. So I uninstalled those apps (instagram, facebook), which meant my phone has been used for photo taking (not for long, buying a camera, so my phone can just be a phone) and messaging family and friends about catching up, good stuff!

I'm not going cold turkey on social media, I have an ipad and laptop that I can access those parts of my life, but my phone was a whole new level. It was always on me, which meant i always had my head down in my phone. After every task around the house, id check whats new, whose posted what, and was not present in reality of my home, but instead in someones elses online. My eyes were getting sore and tired, headachy and a sore neck, yep its that bad for me. But this weekend, was great. I chose to use my phone less, but also fill my day more. Ive turned the ipad on in the evenings to check my social media pages, posted if I wanted then off again. Its enjoyable now, rather than quite boring and energy zapping. I found this weekend, when I finished a task, I would then find a new one, rather than sit to browse online, so I ended up finishing alot of things ive been needing to do a while now!
Each week, Percy and I, are also going to go on an adventure somewhere quiet. I have found im needing two things, less phone and more outside. We have a lovely garden here, but I find when im home, i will not relax outside, but find reasons why we need to be inside. Things to do etc, where as driving somewhere, im forced to enjoy, relax, explore and appreciate. I plan to write a list of locations, then go to one each week. The idea is nature, not built up busy areas, so near the country, sea, mountains etc.

For our first outting, we drove to St Andrews on friday. Pete was home, so he joined us.

This is the local sourdough bakery. 

Foraged onion weed for cooking.

I also finished off some orders, packaged them and sent them off. Such a good feeling!

Made a batch of chickpea and choc chip blondies to fill the tins. I think there is one left. They are good!

This afternoon was so warm, Percy and I jumped in the car, and headed to a favourite spot, Warrandyte. We had a piece of cake at Roundabout Cafe then walked along the river counting ducks.

We ended the weekend, both pretty tired, visiting grandma(my mum) for dinner then home to bed for Percy and now catching up online for me!

How was your weekend?

Go anywhere interesting?

Taz xx

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  1. It sounds good. Pulling back that time from social media, has to be done now and again. I have been doing that for a while now. It still creeps back though! Good luck, enjoy the real things X