Monday, October 6, 2014

The six hankie dress.

Hello all,

I hope you are all well and filling your days with lovely, creative and peaceful things. I did s spot of sewing on the weekend for my 4 year old niece's birthday. It was a dress up theme party, full of happy children, handmade party bags, presents and of course, cake. It was lovely. I decided to give a gift of handmade clothes this year, and part of it was my six hankie dress, a tutu and a skirt made from a vintage babies dress.

Im pretty happy with how the dress turned out. The idea popped in my head when I was tidying my craft room and found a stash of hankies. And it looks just as i pictured! Two hankies for the top and four for the skirt. Really simple, and with added lace edging, I think i'm in love! If only I could fit in a hankie. But it's inspired me to work with squares for adult sizes.

Terrible photo but this was a babies dress I opshopped and cut the top off to then turn into a skirt.

Loved the print, I added elasticated lace and rice rac for the waist.

And this is the tutu. Made from op shopped tulle and a very pretty pillow case.

I took a batch of chocolate cupcakes with pink cream cheese icing and daisies.

Here's us in our dress up, I'm Pippi longstockings, my hubby is Simply Red and Percy is a sailor, in his dads sailor suit from when he was 2!

Hope you had a good weekend too!

See you soon,

Taz xx

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  1. What a nice post Taz. Thoughtful pressies and that last photo is the cutest! Love that very special sailors suit!