Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day Part 2!

Mothers Day Part 2!

Yesterday on my blog, I showed you what I made for my mum for mothers day,a new and much needed peg bag with hopefully simple instructions so you can make a peg bag too! Today I will show you what I made for my mother in law, and I know that you will be able to whip it up as it is soo easy! My mother in law loves anything to do with rainbows, ANYTHING! So when I saw some rainbow fabric in my stash I knew I needed to make something with it. And this is what I made!

A bunting with inspirational words stitched onto each flag! This project is so simple, to the point I feel guilty! But she loves it and I am happy with it so here are the instructions for how to make one yourself. The good thing about this project, is, once you have used a sewing machine to attatch the string or bias binding, its all done by hand so you can watch tv, take it out to brunch or ask your friends to help while at dinner, well thats what I did!
So, first, choose some fabric you want to use. Decide on how many flags you want and cut them out using fabric scissors that make a zig zag edge. If they are not all the same size, it's ok mine aren't!

Once your flags are cut, you need to pin the ribbon or bias binding to the top of the flags. This will be what they hang from. Make sure you leave some of the ribbon dangling on each end, so you can tie it to hooks or curtian rods or trees, whatever really!

Sew along the top, attatching the flags and bias binding! This then ends all sewing machine sewing and the rest can be done in the comfort of a comfy couch or bed, its all done by hand from here! Next is to choose what words you want to stitch onto the flags. Mine came from the Bible as it's something I knew my mum in law would appreciate, but you can stitch anything! Names of children, encouraging words, names of herbs or flowers, anything! Write on the fabric in pencil clearly and spaced out so that the final stitching can be read.

Choose what colour stiching you want. I went with green as it was nice and bright and matched the bias binding.

Once all the flags have their word stitched on you are done! At the back of the flag, make sure loose ends of the thread have a knot so they dont come out and there we go, another bunting to make for yourself or give to a mother in law!

The finished bunting hanging in mother in laws rainbow room!

Hope you find this enjoyable to make!


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  1. Hey Taz, you really are a crafty one, and both your mother and mother in law are very blessed to have you thinking of interesting things to make for us! I love the recipes you put up too....just a bit too tempting at the moment, so I'll have to wait for a special occasion. xo