Saturday, May 5, 2012

To market to market...

To market to market...

Recently, husband and I went to one of our favourite places, The St Andrews Market. It's on saturday mornings and it's a lovely way to spend your saturday, and the drive their is just so beautiful so its a winner from the time you leave home till you return! I recommend going for a visit. The website for details is

One of the reasons we like to go is for the homemade cake and coffee we start off with, the many many stalls offering second hand goodness, the organic fruit and vegie stalls, the honey man (thats what we call him) and the delicious lunch to finish off with. Its usually a beautiful curry, or something freshly baked from the organic wood fired bakery! Thought i'd show you what we bought on our last trip as an idea on why YOU NEED TO GO THERE ASAP!

$5 boots, I think are cute!

$3 organic lemons

 $5 organic raw honey. The honey and lemons featured in my lemon slice here.

$3 (for the whole lot) vintage containers for the kitchen!

I think the containers suit our kitchen
quite well!

The BEST jam in the world. $6 and well worth it!

A $3 lovely bag for myself

$2 little cardie for baby boy

$2 bag of wooden puzzle blocks, may be for baby or I may get crafty with them, we will see!

I wish I had taken photos of the food we ate but we ate it too quickly! But take my word for it, you won't be disappointed! If you decide to go, let me know, i'm more than happy to go with you!



  1. Those canisters are wonderful! And SO CHEAP!!! I have seen them in Savers and they always price them around $10 each! Great score!! I miss going to St. Andrews... stoopid weekend work! I adore the treats from the organic bakery too. That baby cardigan is so cute!

  2. OOooooh I love those containers. I have been seeing them all over the blogging world and really want some. I also love your boots and the cardie for baby boy. We should go to the Hippy Market again sometime soon please!!!

  3. yes. yes. YES. next time you go, may we come too?

  4. Amazing boots!!! - Beth :)