Sunday, May 27, 2012

Three Cardigans for $1!!

Three Cardigans for $1!!

Recently, I went opshopping and found a rack of winter specials and hanging on one hanger were 3 cardigans. They were a $1 for the lot as they had no buttons! This excited me, and I rushed home to get crafting to turn my sad looking cardis into one of a kind finds! Anybody can do a project like this! You can add anything you want to any item of clothing you want to give it new life.
First what you need is your plain or old items of clothing.

Go through your stash of buttons, lace, ribbon, collars, patches, bits and pieces etc to add  to your piece of clothing!

Choose what you want to add and start sewing your buttons on and pinning what items you want to sew on. Then using your sewing machine sew the other accessories onto your clothes.

I decided to sew buttons onto all my cardis. I think this cardi already looks better just with simple bright buttons. But no, I didnt stop there, I made my cardis the kind of cardi that if i saw it in a shop, I would probably squeal with excitment! Here are the finished cardis!

I added these granny squares as they mean something to me and ive wanted to use them somehow. I found them at a little garage sale in Kyoto, Japan last year on holiday!

I love collars and was so excited when I found this pretty collar at a opshop, and thought it suited the blue quite well!

This last cardi, uses some cute ribbon I found at a local market and different red buttons just to make things interesting!

Hope this little post encourages you to turn something you thought was old and boring into something unique and give things new life again rather than buying brand new clothes!



  1. Great transformations - I love the black cardy and the kitty ribbon!

  2. The last one is my favourite! Love this whole idea! xx

  3. Very clever and colourful. I recently saw someone using colourful crochet hearts as elbow patches on a boring jersey. I thought that was a cute way of injecting colour into boring adult clothes too.

    From KZN/EC - family all over these days am never sure where 'home' is... Good luck with your baby. Life will never be the same again!!

    {keri (at) twolittleflowers (dot) com}

  4. this post makes me want to say heck yes.

  5. Oh I love your cardi refashions. The blue one is my fave. Thanks for sharing your blog with the My Poppet fb peeps. Hope you get lots more visitors. x cinti

  6. I love the beige cardi with the bright green buttons. Very fresh and simple! Definitely my style.

  7. I love them all! Great job and inspiring.

  8. OMG I love how each cardigan has each a great personality! Thank you for contributing to Refashion First Friday!

    & Refashion Co-Op Editors