Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day!

Mothers Day!

I got a bit crafty this year for mothers day! Didn't want to just buy something for the sake of it, so rather thought of a gift I knew my mum and mum in law would actually appreciate! Well I hope so anyway! Here is what I made for my mum with instructions so you can too!

I made my mum a new peg bag, and this is why!

Was visiting her a few weeks ago, and saw this hanging in her laundry! I knew straight away to make her a new one as this is not very pretty and a new one will actually be a useful gift! Growing up, we used to use these bags for pegs, socks, underwear, stockings or whatever else really! At home we have one with plastic bags inside! You can use yours for anything! This is how to make it!

Choose some pretty or plain fabric and cut two identical squares out, ensuring that they are wider than the hanger you will be placing inside! Make sure to use a good strong hanger that can take the weight of what you will put in the bag! Wooden is best! Also look for a hanger that has a hook that can be moved so you can hang it up in any direction.

As you can see, I used a shirt for my fabric as I just loved the pattern! It's also optional, but I cut a bit of a shape in mine but you can just leave it square! On each square, fold one edge over, about a 1 cm, and sew a straight line, creating one neat edge on each square. This will be the top of the peg pag.

Once this is done, take one square (the one that will be your front) and cut an opening for your hand to reach in and out of the bag. For me, it was obviously the front of the shirt that was going to be the front of my bag.

Your opening can be what ever shape that suits you! A circle, square, rectangle or oval like mine! Just make sure it is big enough to fit your hand and what ever you will be putting in the bag! Find some ribbon or bias binding and stitch it around the raw edge of the opening to neaten it up and prevent fraying!

Now it's time to join the two squares together. Place the two squares with the patterend sides facing together and pin around the edges, leaving a 1cm gap from the edge. Make sure the neat edge on each square is on the top. Find the very middle of the top of the squares and place a pin there, stopping you from sewing it shut. This will create a hole for the hook of the hanger to come through. It only needs to be around 1-2 cm. Sew your two squares together, starting at the hole for the hook and go around your whole bag until you come back to the hole for the hook, stopping sewing to create the small hole!

Turn the bag inside out through the opening and once it is on the right side, feed your hanger through the opening and the hook through the hole on the top of the bag! And there you have a new peg/sock/belt/anything bag!

With this new peg bag, I also gave my mum a box of her favourite flowers from our local florist! She sent me a photo of them looking just lovely in her house!

Hope you have enjoyed this little crafty post! Will post what I made for my mum in law soon!



  1. i love your peg bag! i have been thinking about making one recently, but keep not getting round to it. you have inspired me, i will do it soon! love xoxoxox

  2. Looks good, think I'll make one for our plastic bags.

  3. This looks lovely! I want to make one for my socks & one for my undies!